Cooperative vs Coopetition drop rates

When playing in cooperative (instanced loot) mode, is the drop rate (quality) for each players individual loot pool the same as a one player game? In other words, in coopetition, the quality loot chance increases as more players enter the game. Is this still the case in Cooperative? Setting aside the fact that there are more chances with 2-4 instanced loot pools. Thanks

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Will likely be impossible to create a controlled test with any conclusive evidence.

Well…if they search, query and “hire” (for free) some players with NDA etc etc they can do whatever they want. Takes time and money. Just depends if it’s worth it.

I don’t think this requires any kind of control testing. Not looking for exact numbers or ratios comparing the two modes. Just wondering if the same quality of loot bonus as more players enter the game in coopetition mode also applies to cooperative mode.

Since it’s all RNG-based, it would still need a pretty large group of people to properly figure that out. That’s just the way the dice roll…

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We know it applies (or should) in coopetition mode because gearbox said so. No test was required. Has anything ever been said about cooperative mode? My question is a lot simpler than it’s being made out to be. I apologize if that wasn’t clear.

Good question. Yeah, gearbox should already know the answer. I’m curious if it does effect it, if at all.


I was on petition mode for about 9 weeks and when I switched to peration I seemed to get a LOT of level 49 gear. Downer!

Gear level is RNG again - it’s a pain when you get stuff below max level like that. I haven’t been checking my loot for level but I probably should - even playing solo I default to cooperation mode. It would be great if that actually nixed the level 48/49 drops on a level 50 character. (I’m not sure it does, but will definitely check next time I’m on.)

I know this is an old post but I’ve noticed that on Coopetition the drops are more abundant than in cooperative. I’ve played on both settings for a while (multiple play-throughs on both.) I think Cooperative loot is only dropped for the player that gets it whereas coopetition is loot is dropped per player but instead of only for the one person everyone playing can see it. I’ve also had a few random people join me on coopetition and they couldn’t believe the amount of loot that was dropped in comparison to cooperative.