Coopetition title bugged?

I recently played a game of Incursion in Overgrowth on PS4, my team finished with 68 kills but we did not unlock the Coopetition title. Has this happened to anyone else?

Was going to make a fresh thread but it showed this one, I just had a game where my team got 79 kills but we didn’t receive the coopetition title either

Along the same lines the “trader” title play as an LLC battleborn 25 times didn’t unlock for me and I’ve got the “count” title which is win as an LLC 25 times and I have 49 missions as ISIC, so I think it’s safe to say some titles might be bugged

Over two weeks later and it’s still bugged.
Played a game where we got 62 kills and didn’t get the Cooperation title, this was on Xbone as well so it’s not only a PS4 problem.

(Pic of the 62 kill game just for reference)


I’ve won 28 games with Caldarius and still haven’t unlocked “The Kemessian” title. The requirement says I only need 10 wins. This title must be bugged too.