Coopetition title not unlocking?

The “Coopetition” title is supposed to unlock after a game with 60 kills, right? I had one (as you can see in the screenshot) and did not unlock it. Anything I can do about it?

I know the pain. Was going for platinum, until my trophy didnt pop for joining matchmaking with a full premade group. So ive kinda given up on anything trophy related.

I guess you can try doing it again and hope for the titel lol.

That sucks. Hopefully some of these little unlocking bugs will be fixed soon.

A couple weeks ago this happened to my team. It needs to be fixed because I don’t wanna try for it again lol

I had this with BADA BADA BOOM [kill 12 enemy battleborn with your ultimate in one game]

clear proof with multiple screens from match history, wrote a simple support ticket. after 2 days they unlocked it for me.

I have to sift through history to look for coopetition, my team usually wrecks on the kill department ^^