Coopetition Title

So at this point I’m unsure what the requirement is to unlock the Coopetition title.

In the past I’ve completed a game wherein my team had achieved 60 kills, which is what the title requirement is listed as in game.

I didn’t get the title so I asked around and had heard from other sources that the requirement was actually to personally participate in 60 kills, despite what was listed as the title requirement.

As difficult as that seemed to be, I shrugged it off and hoped to achieve it a different day.

Well I just completed an online Incursion game wherein I had personally participated in 63 kills, with 33 kills and 30 assists, and still didn’t receive the title.

So my question is mainly to Gearbox and is: what gives? How are you supposed to achieve this title? Should I have gotten it? Maybe @JoeKGBX can clarify this for me, if it’s not too much trouble.

The match ID is: 20160619-68f0abbe-aafb-4842-a148-efa7370c2674

My platform is Xbox One, my gamertag is Zenr4ge, and I played Ambra in that match.

Was the team matchmade? I know there’s a trophy that requires entering as a full 5-man team, so this could also have a similar requirement.

I had solo queued, but I believe the trophy/achievement you’re thinking of is something entirely different.

@JoeKGBX If you could clarify the requirements to grt the Coopetition title, it would be very appreciated.

Lot of people not unlocking title I submitted a ticket and screens got my game so I can link ito when needed.

There are lots of people experiencing this issue at the moment. I’d suggest contacting our support team as they should be able to give you some insights. Hope that helps! (

I think it’s glitched. I’ve done this both with a pug group and with a 5 man team and no title. Which is bothersome at this point since the opposite team will quit if you start coming close tot he 60 kills these days

Ah, okay. Thanks for the replies, guys. = )

I wrote to the support, got my title activated the next day. I’ve sent them screenshot with the match ID visible, that was enough.