Copied Hydrogoian?

I’m farming for the Proprietary License, and instead of “Hydrogoian”, I find that there are copies of Hydrogoian being created by some of the other mobs. Is the original mob supposed to be respawnable? what gives with this?

That’s its special power: cloning itself. Similar to the Jabbermogwai in Voracious Canopy.

For some reason there isn’t a mob actually called Hydrogoian, it’s actually the Radiant one that always spawn at the cave to the right (I think) and it’s the only one that will create those copies and also the only one that will drop the loot. So you can kill that one fast to get the loot or let it spawn the copies for a bunch of Eridium

If you leave the Radiant One alive it will continue to spawn copies and each copy drops a hefty heap of Eridian. Should be helpful for when they drop in the veterans reward machine and other new uses for Eridian.