Copper, Silver, Gold?

Anybody know the thresholds for each medal level? My brother and I have been playing missions over and over on co-op to get Silver, and it’s impossible to tell what affects medal acquisition. Are we going to slow? Spending too many shards? What?

I have no idea. Be sure to pick up Score and Extra Score bonuses, and try to aim for above 50,000, and you should at least get Silver. That seems to be the common threshold, more or less. Just play well and grab those pick ups when you can.

We’ve been doing that. We recently did The Saboteur mission over again and got 54 something thousand points, but that was still only enough for copper. We only died twice, none of our towers got down to even 3/4s health, and we picked up everything we possibly could, built every defense possible. Was it because we used too many defenses and that prevented us from generating score?

Did you pick up the little yellow things? Most bosses and mini bosses drop a ton of little yellow things under certain conditions, and typically on death. They don’t stay long, but picking up a lot of them really helps your bonus score, sometimes doubling or tripling your base score.

Also, remember time doesn’t really seem to be a factor, so kill every critter and open every box. Explore a bit. Those larger chests drop those little yellow things, too.

Edit: I know they’re called Bonus Score, but how would you describe them?


We usually do, but they disappear really damn fast. I play a ranged fighter and for the last few times, my brother would be off dispatching the smaller enemies, so getting all of them is usually not possible. We’ll try to get more of them, but things don’t always go that way.

Also, accuracy is a factor. Are you building a lot of fire traps? I’ve read that they’re extremely inaccurate and count against you, but I’ve never seen proof myself. Try some Temporal traps instead, they go great with Thumpers and Shockers.

Thumpers and Temporal traps are great for defense maps. Not so sure how flash traps work.

They temporarily stun enemies, but they only seem to do it once.

We’ve been building just the regular turrets and fire traps to kill large hordes. We also use AoE attacks as often as possible against horde waves. I play Miko and usually go with the spreading poison, he was playing Galilea that time around.

Switch over to the slow turrets and traps, and it should help your score. Thumpers do enough damage to hurt the weak units, and the slow will make the waves much more manageable.

I don’t think the number of enemies killed matters to your score. I soloed archive last night I killed 450 enemies (by not protecting the data minions). Spent countless shards (Using a shard generator gear) and collected every chest including the four mega chests. Ended with 34k points and a bronze.) crazy how my score was so low.

Spending too many shards never was a problem for me. Loot chests, grab as much bonus score from each phase of every boss, and do not destroy spawners. Destroying spawners prematurely can make you lose hundreds of score. Most will destroy themselves. Wolf sentries will destroy spawners and any other ally will as well.

Oh and the amount of lives you have determines how much bonus score gets dropped, when it does drop.

It feels almost like some of the scoring comes from things you pick up from chests. If you pick up bonus score in chests, you’re probably getting silver. If not, then you’re probably going to have a hard time getting there.

Well, the score from chests is 100 per. But there is bonus score from large chests. Haven’t seen more than 5 per though. Each boss will drop bonus score a minimum of three times though. That’s where most of your score will come from. Every time I do the Algorithm, I pick up every bonus score and the bonus score ends up being 2x, if not more, then my base score.

Fair enough, it just feels like it’s too easy to lose out on a halfway decent score just because you missed a chest or a challenge.

Yeah, I felt the same way. When we got a third though, it allowed us to take a step back and realize what was really happening. That’s how we found out about the bonus score confetti that drops frequently.

Well, we always knew about it, it’s just that we don’t always have the option to collect it all. The stuff flies everywhere and you just can’t get it all before it fades. It’s kind of a pain in the a**. In all honesty, it sounds like the problem with medals is that they’re influenced too much by the bonus score. It should more hinge on how many lives lost, damage dealt/mitigated/healed, enemies slain, and overall score first. Then the bonus score should be, well, a bonus.

Agreed. The score should be rewarded by the effort you put in, not by luck. Often times those little bonus orbs shoot off the map.

Not to mention it’s hard to pick them of you play ranged hero solo. You have to learn the exact moments they drop from each boss and plan your fights so you can rush towards him to pick them when they go out. It’s irritating.

Has anyone been getting Gold (or higher if it exists?)