Copyright Claims And Gearbox' policy

Hi there!
A quick question. I’m making video playthrough of HW:R campaigns, and I have a couple questions:

  1. I’m assuming Gearbox tolerates this whole playthroughs thing considering big channels do it. But I’d still prefer to see a confirmation, preferable from a Gearbox employee.
  2. Adagio for Strings is part of soundtrack, and in mission “Tenhauser Gate” (No. 11, I think) YT automated system copyright-matched it with AdShare (Publishing) stated as a claimant. I filed a Fair Use dispute, but now I have second thoughts whether I am actually in the right here.

The advice given for BL1/2/TPS videos was simply to turn off the in-game music to avoid problems. GBX obviously paid licensing fees for some/all of the music (and, specifically, the recordings used) but that doesn’t include “re-broadcast” rights for those playing the game.

You could also read the fair use rules in copyright on line at the U.S.Copyright website. Also, I’m currently in CopyrrightX class @Harvard on line,

Considering that the soundtrack is exactly the same and that I never encountered any Content ID issues when playing the Classic version (the exception is, of course, the final cutscene in HW1), I would fail to see it happening with the Remastered versions.

And Gearbox would really shoot themselves in the foot if they started going after people for making playthroughs of the game, it would be the ideal way for people to stop purchasing it. I very much suspect that Gearbox will be fine with the free advertising :wink:

The copyright claim you received was bogus. AdShare doesn’t sound right, do you mean AdRev instead? If so, they’re known to abuse the system and file fake claims against content that doesn’t belong to them, so contact them and tell them to remove the claim because fair use.

Some of those who got take-down notices for BL-related videos got them from the music publisher representing the recording artists used on the sound track. They were also trying to get revenue from their video channel, which means fair use provisions wouldn’t cover them. I’m not familiar with the HW soundtrack, but a lot would depend on whether it was written & recorded completely on the game company’s dime (a “work for hire” with full rights presumably transferred to GBX after the sale) or whether parts of it were simply licensed for use in the game. My recommendation would be, if you’re trying to earn money using your game play videos, play safe and turn the music off.

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Thank you everyone for your contribution.
It was AdShare, I can provide a screenshot if you wish.
In any case, shortly after filing a dispute the claim was released. I suppose that means this topic is closed.

may I make a suggestion, never use an Adware link, if you scroll down the actual site your looking for is there for future references.