Copyright Infringment?

Anyone else notice certain Varelsi designs look suspiciously similar to

The Neuron Beast from Palladium Rifts games?

Uhhhh… no?

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Not enough fingers.

Weak bait.

… No Response, did you ever notice almost all video and mobile games are re-skins of older game with a few tweaks to make it their own, and Namco is holding a patent that is sooooo valuable to the gaming industry to revolutionize loading screens forever?

Did you ever notice that the Orcs in Warcraft look a lot like the Orks from Warhammer.

Did you ever notice that the Zerg is basically identical to the Tyranids?

Did you ever notice that Link and Zelda kinda look like the elves from LotR.

I could go on … but yeah. General design isn’t really a copyright issue until you start getting very specific.

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Mhhhh as atist myself I´d say there was someone inspired by Battleborns Varelsi Conservators and drew a fanart.
Would not call it copyright infringement, I mean it looks more like a fantasy fanart combining several game monsters to have a boss for pen & paper.

lol ignoring the '90 are we. Its art from a Rifts Source book that describes a Interdimentional Demon known as a Neuron Beast. That has almost identical features as its described, and even hovers in the air to the Varelsi conservator/disrupters.

I find the similiarities way too close, so if its not a case of out right theft then someone just happened to pick something similar in design on so many levels.

Nyahhhh duh - I got this completely the other way arround - sorry for that :sweat_smile:
Its just that I´ve so many online friends who are part of many rather small pen&paper games, many are selfmade/fanmade - I got so used of these that I indeed skipped the 90´s for a second.

Mhh…the design (fourarmed demon with tentacle “skirt”) is rather unique, so the “Every fantasy game has orcs”-argument is not really on place…
I´d more say its a reference for the people who know the Rift games created by a concept artist who´s also a Rift-fan, but I can see why one could call it copyright infringement.

Would depend on the current state of Rift sources copyright and such. Maybe GBX even was allowed to design their Conservators similar, such things are common to be discussed between companies/holders of rights.

All current innovation is based and built upon what came before-- Artistic, Technological, Social.

Advancement is more important than pride and lawyers.

All they did was say “That was a good idea. Our thing is almost just like that!”

If that’s stealing, then I wholeheartedly endorse and approve of stealing.

" Theres nothing new under the Sun " Ecclesiastes 1:9

That sounds a bit extreme :smile: But in the end, yes inspiration and creativity are mostly based on combining and re-creating things that came before into something new.

Don’t you think this design is quite mainstream? I wouldn’t even say Varelsis seem unique, and that particular monster is something that could easily come out if one wanted to create something dangerous, scary, unknown and very powerful at the same time. You don’t need to steal this design from somebody, you just take all these details knowingly associated with required characteristics and here it is.

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I see the similarities to the conservator. But I would highly doubt it qualifies as copyright infringement.
Not only is it a single monster, but it has only a few key similarities. Four armed, tentacles, related to dimensions.
The differences far outweigh the similarities. The varelsi are far more organized, and are more hyper advanced science than demon/magic related. The mid sections are completely different, as well as the heads and shoulders, the conservator also appears to have pincers to walk on while the Neuron Beast just has the tentacles. The Neuron beast draws on a lot more aquatic tones, crab claws, urchin spines, squidlike tentacles. While the conservator’s design is almost entirely triangular and artificial, and the tentacles are much thicker and stouter, it also lacks any of the muscle definition or aggressive qualities in the design of the Neuron Beast.
And while not quite as common as Orcs in fantasy, that’s more so because an interdimensional unknown as an adversary isn’t as common a theme as ‘fantasy’. But everyone that does an interdimensional unknown does tentacles. Everyone.
Lovecraft did it, Futurama did it, Hellboy did it, Bloodborne did it. If you have interdimensional horrors, there will be tentacles. Which means the Neuron Beast and Conservator really only have two things in common; Four arms and related to being an interdimensional unknown.
At the most the Neuron Beast is an inspiration, I’d even just chalk this up to a coincidence. But this is definitely not theft.

I always thought that the Varelsi showed a lot of resemblance to the Eldrazi from Magic. I’m pretty sure that’s just a case of similar inspiration too, though. They’re not that unusual for an eldritch abomination design.

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