Copyrighted artworks?

Well, the announcement of Call of Duty: WW2 finally came out but people can’t go one day with Randy whining (that is what everyone say). He claimed that the artwork of Call of Duty: WW2 is strikingly identical to Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway artwork.

Could he be right?

I seriously doubted it because a lot of people will “accidentally” creates artworks without realizing there is something similar to it.


What do you guys think?

They do have the same “vibe” and do look very similar.
I am fairly certain that the artist didn’t do it intentionally however.

Not something worth making a fuss out of of (in my opinion)

P/S i am just happy i have another WW2 game to play this year :wink:
First one being SniperElite4, there is also Hidden&Dangerous2 which i will be revisiting soon since it got released on GOG.

I’ll just say that they messed up the Thompson. Again.

Why is it so hard for them?! -.-’’

Wow. how is he holding it like that?

Hopefully they fix it, however if they game is set during the western front with the Big Red One shouldn’t they use the M1A1 Thompson model?

Unless this is MP picture.

Yes, they should use the M1 or the M1A1 Thompson,
Not some sort of 1928 with the WRONGEST Back sight possible and the sling mount ring attached on the wrong side.

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Man, you guys really knows what you’re doing.

I’m so proud to be a Brothers in Arms fan

Randy’s angry that someone is ripping off their stuff?