Core packs should give perfect stat rolls on all gear they give out

  • It’s like buying a pack of cards.

    Let’s say a friend and I buy a pack:
    Scenario 1
    They get a really rare card (legendary) and I only get a somewhat rare card (blue gear) but I’m ok with that because it’s just bad luck.

    Scenario 2
    They get a really rare card (legendary) and I also get the same really rare card (legendary) but then my card comes out with a bend down the middle of it, so I cannot use it. Not only does my money (credits) feel wasted but now I’m also at a disadvantage when playing.

    Scenario two is what it feels like to have a non-perfect roll on loot pack legendaries.

  • For pvp,
    It will help new players catch up to veteran players and will also level out the playing field between veteran players. Also, people won’t have to worry so much about gear and can focus on strategy and improving their gameplay.

  • For pve,
    I’m fine with having all gear dropped here have random rolls because the gear is farmable and thus easier to obtain. This would include commander packs from ops missions.

  • On trading,
    I believe it could help with gathering and collecting any missing gear but I think stat rolls would remain an issue unmitigated by trading.

  • Finally,
    With regards to purchasable gear packs from the marketplace on special occasions, (if they decide to bring back epic packs, legendary packs, faction packs, etc.) I also believe they should give perfectly rolled gear. As such, the (perhaps inevitable change in) price of those packs would reflect this.

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I don’t get why gear has anything else but max stats in the first place. This isn’t borderlands, this is a game with a competitive game mode. Stop with all the RNG.

I’ve bought hundreds, if not thousands of loot packs and still don’t have a lot of gear I need at max stats. Or at all, actually!
I also happen to find the games PvE a huge snorefest 90% of the time so I don’t feel like spending hours playing it to get some gears. And I’m not even looking for any legendaries… :confused:


Trust me - the only thing this would result in is a large amount of PvEers QQing over such a move…

I wont. Having half a dozen max stat Vow of Vengeance’s doesn’t make me stop farming.
I think it is for the best to make stats static honestly, atleast for MP.

It’s motivates and energizes people to find “the perfect roll”. It’s working as intended and quite frankly I do dig it.

This isn’t borderlands, no. But as anyone can see, the PvE-Only audience of this game has a gigantic dedicated following and you know what? They all love chasing the max roll (as do i)

EDIT - when i say “they all love chasing the max roll” in the last sentence…im not trying to speak for everyone. What i mean is that there is a gigantic PvE ONLY contingent that plays this game. So for them, yeah - this totally is a spiritual sequel to borderlands!

Woah haha. That last sentence…that’s a whole new topic and can of worms. I’d be ok for all stats being equal in PvP only but how can they program that?

Who? PvE players? PvP players? Hybrid players?
Who does it NOT “energize”?
Are the loot chances for both these groups equal?

Get what I’m hinting at here? People who like PvE will most likely play PvE either way. But what this does do is hurt PvP players who do not want to spend hours playing a mode they do not like.

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I feel like we both have such a different viewpoint on this (no one is technically right or wrong…just opinions), that i’m going to bow out of the topic now. :slight_smile:

No hard feelings

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My opinion: only legendaries should be max roll or cost less when not perfect.

Everything else can be random, i like my att speed with -139 shield, +140shield + shards when depleted and Doomsday key on alani.

It allows some interesting loadouts

someone posted once, exactly how much youre missing out by not having a max roll. obviously its not much by itself (its min maxxing that gets you a noticable advantage). i dont mind there being a grind to it since most of the game is incremental - eg, your character isnt at max roll till level 10 anyway. and how often do you get there?

lets see if i can math tonight. if you deal 30000 damage in the entire match, and all of that was attack damage, and you had +9% attack damage up all match you dealt an extra…2700 damage. congratulations.

if everything NEEDS to be the same roll, then why shouldnt everyone have access to the same gear? its far more of a disadvatage to not have that 6-9% at all than to be upset about the…here comes my attempt at math again - please be right- 81 damage you lost that match because you were running a trash roll of 6% instead of 9%. (this makes me want to collect all minimum rolls, because of the shard difference- especially with a negative…3 purples all at min rolls with negatives that dont hurt me? i smell a new possible meta for me B) gbx, i need more bank pages again- except for legos, obvs).

its all about perspective. i dont care about the roll of the gear so much as the fact that ill actually have access to it if i find a use for it.

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Easy, all gear cards have a back used for PVP

I’m gonna side with this

At least get rid of some flaws Gearbox. No one wants to take more damage

Thanks for the feedback guys!

I definitely agree.
This is why I think not all gear should be max stats just gear that a player has spent credits on. As I said, I think story-exclusive drops (boss legendaries) and any gear found in loot chests should retain its randomness so that it would help incentivize pve players to farm if that’s what they enjoy. However, I don’t like having to spend hundreds of thousands of credits to get a lucky pack opening. At that point it just feels like “betting on black”.

Theoretically this would still be possible with my changes. You would just need to find the imperfect gear as random drops in story mode. Also I’m not proposing a retroactive sweep to get everyone at max stat rolls, so you would still keep your (possibly unbalanced) loadout. :grin:

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I guess that’s one way of looking at it, but in that case it would be more akin to starting with min roll items and being able to upgrade them (with shards) to max roll while in game.

While this is true, the argument you’re using here is reminiscent of the one the devs have used in defense of cc gear. Over the entire match cc gear will work so that you spend less time affected by nuisances such as slows. Although, none of that matters when it comes down to getting stunned and chain-stunned because more often than not, one stun is the death of you in pvp (and sometimes in pve).

In the case of damage from gear it doesn’t make much of a difference over the entirety of a match, but in a single engagement it could mean killing the enemy before they can kill you or being able to get that last point of damage in to secure the kill.

There are also static numbers for health and shields that would also play an important role here to counter that damage and save you from death. I myself have lived with 1 health more than a few times. Of course the gear might not make a difference after all, but I like knowing that it wasn’t because of the gear that I didn’t live or didn’t get the kill.

And as for math: 2700 is correct and the difference between %6 and %9 should be 900 damage not 81. But that’s just nitpicking, you got your point across just as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for checking; i think i did 6% of the 2000 number for some reason :confused:

i look at that like green gear - so situational im not comfortable using it because i wont know and or notice it XD

i suppose what im suggesting in my last post is that it makes more sense to give equal availability to gear (like giving everyone access to min rolls) before suggesting equalization of rolls. cart before the horse and all that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok gotcha. It would definitely be ideal to give everyone access to all gear in pvp, and doing so would hopefully come with the benefit of max rolls. Since I’m assuming that giving equal access would require a rework of the gear system, and maxing out stats doesn’t, the players could at least get max rolls while we wait for (or in lieu of) a rework to level the playing field.

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I say all legendarys should be max roll, as they cost the same. Rest have slight difference in activation costs, so fine by me how it is.

i’d rather that commander packs were simply guaranteed to give a Taunt or Skin. Working so hard to get a commander pack only for it to just give regular gear is always such a huge letdown. What is this, an overwatch loot box?! LET ME HAVE WHAT I WORKED FOR!

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