Corporal Bob etc

Wasn’t corporal Bob supposed to spawn whenever you left the map and returned to it?

Most of the time he doesn’t spawn at all, and when he does, he doesn’t respawn when returning to the map.

Am I just understanding this wrong?


I think his spawn point is random. See the OTDH maps for help on where this may be. I do not know whether he always spawns or respawns when returning. I am guessing he is just like all respawns in that he will only respawn after some time or if the game is restarted.


Oh I check all the points :smile:

Will double check.

I think his spawn location must reset when you leave and re-enter the map, since I’ve had him spawn on my in very rapid succession while making a quick side-trip to/from Jack’s office.

I just hit one of his three spawn points and shoot the first wave. If he doesn’t show up, move on to the next point. This guarantees a 100% spawn rate. Save, repeat.

FWIW- They should had made all b@da$$ enemies behave like Bob.

I do this and he almost never spawns.

He will respawn, try going there and coming back after clearing baddies.

His respawn rate seems to have been increased since the last patch.

His drop rate is horrendous , btw. I got two Torrents from Meg before I scored one Ack, Ack.