Corrosive and/or Fire Sand Hawk

looking to get a fire and/or corrosive sand hawk @ level 80 no OP levels. messed up my quest while farming… i am on xbox one. comment for my IGN if u can help :smiley:

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i am still looking for one or both of these sandhawks if possible.

I do have some. But it is on XBOX One.

Do you still have a level 80 fire sand hawk? if you do please message me on xbox @ Grinch x927

hey @lebrongaines6 , im on xbox one aswell. GT is Richlamb65. msg me when you can.


I’ve got all the elements of Sandhawks. Looking for Pimpernels…

what elements are you looking for?

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Hi! Well anythun really. Corrosive for sure. Maybe slag or fire. Or shock lol

ive got slag, fire, and costic pimpernel. would trade you for a flying fire sand hawk perferably with matching grip. as long as we talking op10.

my GT:AxCouchxPotato

Hey man shiit for sure! I’ll hit you up! I’m Heavenly Orphan6

edit: Ahhh ■■■■ no sorry I’m only at lvl 80. Do you have a lvl80 Pimpernel? Pleeeeeeeeease