Corrosive queens call for trade

I have corrosive and radiation level 50 cross roads and radiation rowlans call level 50 looking for cutsman or lyuda

I have Cutsmans and am looking for Cryo Crossroad with 1.X zoom. Also looking for Cryo Vanisher with no zoom.

I only have radiation and corrosive sorry

what else ya got?

I just got 2 cuts man lol but I have an anointed flakker, Lucians call corrosive, rowans call radiation, anointed duc

What kind of Flakker? Is it Gunner annointed?

No element, and doesn’t say what character just anointed action skill end that does 50% Additional bonus crop damage

Can you post a pic of it?

What else do you have for trade

Other than cutsmans I got pistol calls. I’d trade cutsmans for that Flakker.

What cutsman?

I have Cutsman in Fire, Shock, and Caustic as well as Pistol Calls in Caustic and Fire to trade for the Flakker.

Shock cutsman and fire call for flakker?

Sure I’m down.

Add me

whats your gt?


check your social mail