Corrosive Tattler....Surprising!

If you are not going to use a Bee…then a Sandhawk is rather unwieldy…

So I have been searching for a good Corrosive SMG for non-Bee use and I found one.

Hyperious dropped a Corrosive version of a Tattler and I tried it out.

Jeepers! The thing can dish out lead! It’s like the Bone Shredder’s bigger, more muscular brother.

It was every bit as fast at killing loaders as my Hornet…I think even faster! And the BIG magazine size never ran out in a successful attack. And with the amount of lead you are spraying…you are automatically going to get a GOB of criticals…without even trying.

With a Chaotic Neutral Rogue…it is just a hose…a LONG firing hose!

For more precise work at longer ranges…I’d use an Actualizer or a Bitch…but for short to medium range it’s just the cat’s meow.

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