Corrupt data/ badass ranks and keys gone

Hey guys was playing the pre sequel with my online setting to friends only (always do) had just gotten my badass ranks to about 3k when my game crashed and kicked me out of it. When i came back in i got a corrupt data screen and when i logged onto my character all my badass ranks and keys were wiped out. Ive tried resetting my net settings, unlinking and relinking my shift profile, and searching for a way to get my stuff back online. It’s looking grim. Has anyone had any luck getting stuff back at all? Has this issue even been addressed?

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I’m sure tech support can help :smiley_cat:
Submit a ticket letting them know what happened.

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Hi Kitty-Jo,

Thank you for the link. I contacted customer support and they resolved the situation :smiley:
My life is once again complete lol


Most excellent news! And you’re very welcome, friendo.

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