Corrupt file lost over 50 hours

Lost power in my house. I was level 48 and lost all my progress after trying multiple fixes. I’m going to need a refund.

Go to the folder where your save is, then when you get to the folder with the long number right click it and in the tabs look for an option that has to do with - search for previous folder version - wait for the search to end and you will most likely be presented with 2 or more options (check the dates) of previous versions. Chose the latest one before the corrupt file and replace it. It worked for me after a silly crash and corrupted save file, temp file didn’t work either. Then tried to recover the .save file only, it loaded but all skins and costumizations was missing. Deeply aggravated with the fact I decided to look for previous versions of the long number (where save is) folder. Replaced that one and everything was back on my char again, only lost a day’s progression.

I fixed it but now my lost loot machine is ■■■■■■