Corrupt Saves Xbox One

Anyone know how to fix corrupted save files on Xbox one? Power went out and lost everything for my 47 Flak… not happy and Gearbox and 2K aren’t being very helpful…

I cannot figure out how to access anything with the backups… Xbox made everything get saved to cloud but gave us no way to access any of that. Hopefully the person you mentioned can give me some insight.

Go into Games & Apps, select BL3, hit the menu button and choose “Manage” Once on the page showing game downloads and the save partition choose the delete from console option - do NOT choose the ‘delete everywhere’ option (or whatever it is). Launching the game should then prompt you to sync with cloud, which should download the cloud versions to your console. (Not sure if there’s a “Sync” or “Download” option in the manager if you have no local saves). This may or may not restore your save files - it depends on if the system tried to sync the corrupted saves or not.

Ya I’ve done this a few times. One time it gave me the syncing from cloud (or whatever it says) load bar then it still wasn’t there.

I’m honestly not sure then. Your best bet at this point might be a factory reset and re-adding your profile to your console - a power outage can mess up a few things on any computer hardware, and the XB1 is no exception. Note that the factory reset will cause you to lose any off-line saves on your console. Also, there are two versions - full and ‘keep game/app data’. You will need to know the GTs and passwords for all accounts currently on the box to restore them afterwards, and you should make sure to do the primary account holder first. I had to do this to resolve save problems with several RPGs across three different accounts; the box has definitely run a lot smoother since then. I cannot promise that this will restore your lost save, however.

Appreciate your help!

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When you factory reset do you select the full option I have also lost my character.

I did the one that leaves games and app data behind. However, that was for an issue with different games - BL1/2/TPS were not giving me issues at the time.

Alright I tried the deleting the saved data and it didn’t help, I didn’t even get the prompt to sync data. Really hoping the reset helps or else idk what to do. I’ve been playing this character since launch

2K told me at this point the character is lost

Dude so much time I had over a day played on my character already, I just dont understand what happened I was playing and a message popped up saying game data couldn’t sync, I hard restarted my xbox and when I logged back in it was like my first time booting up

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