Corrupt/Unusable Super Deluxe Edition items

I purchased the (digital) Super Deluxe Edition for PC through the Epic Store. I retrieved the Super Deluxe Edition bonus items from the mailbox, but they’re bugged in my inventory. They are missing stats and can’t be equipped. I took a couple of screenshots as examples:

legendary%20shield%20stats legendary%20stats

I have seen other threads about this, but none with any resolution. Any fix for this?

On a side note, I notice in the Epic Launcher that the game is listed as “Borderlands 3” not “Borderlands 3: Super Deluxe Edition”. Does anyone know if that’s normal? I’m concerned that when the DLC drops I won’t get it. I did go back to look at the receipt from when I preorderd and confirmed that I did purchase the Super Deluxe Edition.

I also have to wonder, now that I’m currently level 13, if the items are of any use, even if they were fixed.