Corrupted character

My game showed me fatal crash and my saves were deleted. Need help asap.

Yikes. You’re the first I’ve heard of whose had that issue (not that I’m any sort of authority on the subject, mind).

I wish I could help, but that’s an issue for Gearbox, and they’re MIA/unreachable (by choice). :confused:

See the following for possible solutions and limitations:

folder with name 1 has 0 mb and profile folder has something. At the same time the folders have no earlier versions that i could use so i dont really know what to do.

Sounds like your character save is unrecoverable then, unless you had made your own backup somewhere or were using either the Steam or Epic launcher cloud backup system.

Unfortunately, if the game crashes while a save file is being updated, there’s no real way to recover it. I would strongly recommend that you look into setting up an incremental backup system for your game save folders. (I use Apple’s Time Machine on my Mac; not sure about the best option for Windows although I believe you can enable incremental backups since Windows 10).

i was using epic cloud backup but when i wanted to recover earlier cloud there were only cloud from 7:45 PM but that crash happened 7:43 PM or something like that so on the cloud was only choice to use late version after that crash. There is chance that i dont know how to work with epic cloud so i have missed something.

Epic Cloud doesn’t know how to use Epic Cloud, bruv.
The epic game store is rubbish. That’s why so many people are/were waiting to buy TTWL until its release on Steam, but with no ETA set 3 months in and incredibly poor reception on Epic and console, we’ll see if it’s ever released and if there are any saps out there still willing to throw away their money. :confused:

But who knows? Maybe Gearbox can still turn the game around. They’ll have my full support again if they do.