Corrupted data file ps4

Lost my level 56 char as game crashed as travelled to location and was saving. I’ve managed to recover the same char at level 37 from cloud save… Can I sit in someone’s high level lobby and power level to get me back to level 56 quickly so I can get back to tvm with my friends… Happy to drop all my level 37 gold loot in return

Moved ya to the PS4 online play.

Thank you

I got a lvl 74 Zero and on my way to lvl 80. If we meet online I can boost you to lvl 56. Psn: orange_teacher.

Thank you do much. I’m scroobius__pip. Will send you a FR very soon

This is one reason why I still back up my saves to a USB stick. Even though I have PlayStation Plus, it’s better to have a failsafe.

After I lost my char, I discovered that you can upload your save data to cloud from the menu screen on B2. I do this every time I load in now, just in case