Corrupted Data For The Win

started with a Lvl 26 Commando but data got corrupted. I was hurt but had a light at the end of the tunnel with my Lvl 10 Mech. 4 Weeks later, (Last Night). My lvl 31 decide to follow suite and corrupt as well. Just got an ass load of Torque coins then BOOM everything is gone

Informed 2k when commando went out but no solution. or SOL

now all I see is lvl 1, There is no point of even trying no more, and just spend 50+hrs on another game.

now only playing if with someone. if down REPLY. if not I PRAY that your file doesnt corrupt an cut all your progress you been doing in Pandora

It sucks, and it’s not a solution as such, but I recommend backing up your saves after every session.

Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Upload to Online Storage

I do this after every session. I had a save file corrupted for the first time yesterday but had it backed up so lost nothing, but a friend of mine lost her only OP10 character. I’ve since taught her how to do this. It’s no fix, but it’ll save your character from being lost if it happens again.


FYI, you can actually do faster by hitting the options button on the game app itself and select “upload/download saved data” and then you can do it directly for that game. I normally overwrite everything each time, but you can go file by file if you wanted to. Thanks to your warnings, I’m now in the habit of doing this.

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If your save files are routinely corrupting, then something is very wrong because that is not normal behaviour. There are a few ways to corrupt save files:

  • force-quitting the game or shutting the console off while it’s saving
  • losing your internet connection during an on-line co-op session
  • local power glitches affecting your console during a save
  • file system corruption on your hard drive
  • impending hard disk failure (increasing frequency of read-write errors)

On the first one: any time you pass a New-U, Fast Travel station, or a map transition will trigger an auto-save, so watch out for those if you’re in a hurry to quit or sleep the game.

On the first two: if you suspect this might have just happened (or see evidence of it in-game), you’ll want to make sure the corrupted save doesn’t get backed up by PS cloud sync - if you’re quick, disconnecting from the internet, erasing the corrupt file, then reconnecting to download the cloud save might restore at least some of your progress.

On the last two: if you have had your PS4 for a while, use it a lot, and have never done so before, it may be worth doing a factory reset then re-installing your profile etc. - this would clear up any lingering file system chaos.

One final thing: the game does create a back-up of your save file which it will attempt to use if it detects that the original gets corrupted. However, it only seems to do this when you switch character or switch mode via “Character Select”. The backup can actually be significantly older than the primary save. It’s worth cycling through your saves periodically just to force these backups to a more recent copy of your save files.

That, and making your own backups, should help keep you sane and making progress.


On top of all the sound advice already posted I would recommend getting a USB stick to
back-up all your saves as well. Also, If you need to quick save you can also turn your badass
ranks on & off, I’m pretty sure that saves all progress?

It does indeed do that, although I don’t think it updates the game’s backup save.

Ah cool, good to know, cheers!