Corrupted Data on PS4 during Co-op play

So all of my other games are absolutely fine on the PS4. I was online playing with a friend and the entire game froze. I then got an error saying that the data is corrupted and it needs to be deleted and reinstalled.

I don’t have PS Plus personally. My husband does and I can play online because of that…does that mean all my saved data is gone?

I’ve put many, many hours into this game - farmed for two and a half months straight for one anointed gun. Completed the story on each vault hunter…if I lose all my saved data, I will not be coming back. I stand with you guys through all the bugs - even when I lost all my bank stuff. But this is a really bad bug…

If it was an issue with my PS4 itself, fine. But I know it’s not as every other game is fine.

Are there any other options? Are my characters saved to the Gearbox database (not sure the exact terminology) as I do have an account that’s connected.

Edit : I have a normal PS4, not pro. Also I downloaded the game as I preordered the $90 version for midnight release. It seems to be fine playing solo and I was appearing offline while playing with my friend. Switching to appear online and I’m gonna try and play with them again.

Update : So I switched to appear online and we haven’t had any issues so far. We were matchmaking when I crashed twice so we’re going to try that again…but this may be a bug regarding appearing offline + matchmaking?

Only once have i had any instance of corrupted data; and that was when the bank got updated; i would reccomend creating a backup of save files to a usb flash drive as a just in case atleast until all the errors are sorted out on gearbox end

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Well I played with my friend again last night and everything was fine. I think the issue was honestly that I was appearing offline and we were trying to matchmake for Wotan. Because the two times I crashed it had those circumstances.

Gonna keep an eye on it nevertheless and get psplus next week. I don’t have it because me and my husband share PS4 so there didn’t seem a point in both buying it.

The only difference having ps plus will do is give access to cloud save storage; beyond this you should already have access to online services as well as co-op play through “share play” as these are included as benefits from the main ps+ account being on that ps4;

Personally i dont feel it would be worthwhile unless you have another ps4 system - even then the main ps+ account can still access all their benefits by just signing into psn on the seccondary ps4 while you enjoy them on the primary; this is how i have it set up with my sons ps4

  • other accounts on the seccondary ps4 can also access games and online access while the primary account is signed in on it

I had my PC crash … PS issues, and got a corrupted save.

There was a .tmp file in the directory (PC), when when moved to the (number).sav file restored the latest non-corrupted save data. :slight_smile:

Dunno if this can be done on console or not.

I’m not sure if it can but my issue seems to be solved for now. I’m going to be playing with my friend again tonight so we’ll see what happens. But I do honestly think for me, not sure if it’s because of the latest patch, but my PS4 just derped out because I was appearing offline but looking for people online in matchmaking xD

^this 100%.

I have ps plus running on 2 ps4.

My daughters is down as primary, mine is secondary and needs an internet connection to work.

Only minor I need to do is manually upload my saves, but its a 20second job.

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I noticed the other day that my game wasn’t saving to PS+. A little over a year ago I setup game sharing with my brother and forgot it disables auto upload.

So I went through manually pushing up all the games I played in the last year or so.

Like another poster said I would get a USB stick and back up your game saves. While they didn’t get corrupted this time you should have a back in case the PS4 HD dies or something.