Corrupted save ! borderlands 3

Hello everyone i have a problem i run the game i don’t see “continue” i only have new story or change character and when i go on change character i see !corrupted!

in don’t know how i can bring back my save

I had same issue yesterday with about 20 something crashes during loading into new areas. Look in c:/users/“yourusername”/documents/mygames/borderlands 3/saved/savegames/

Go into the folder and make backup just in case. But what you want to try is rename the to something else. Then look at the Change the to If that doesn’t work then you are screwed if you already overwrote your cloud save also. This worked for me.

ok thx for your answer i’m gonna try to do that

it’s work thanks you a lot <3 <3 <3 <3

I knew it would. Me luv you long time too!!

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