Corrupted save, cant restore from tmp

Hi guys,

Title says a lot but I have to say that I completely lost my save.
After a pc/game crash, i had to reset computer. When I came back to game, no more save.
I tried the tmp restore way but my tmp is 0ko.

Cause of cloud issue on save, i did not activate cloud save.
My save is 878ko, char is lvl 50 and started to get really nice stuff. To be honest, I dont really feels good to restart a new char.

I played a lot of RPG and never face this kind of issue. Some game also have .tmp.bak in order to have a backup of backup.

Of course I can send my .sav. to tech support. Please tell me that something is possible with a tools or kind of willowtree as borderand1 was usefull for such issue.

Best regards,

Look forward your answer

The only thing I can think of right now is reverting your save game folder to a previous version. Not sure what conditions need to be met for this to work as I don’t play on PC, but there’s quite a few posters here have had success. Basically, navigate on your PC down your folder hierarchy through Games to the Saved Games folder for BL3. Right-click on the folder and look for an option to revert to an earlier one.

Unfortunately I don’t remember off the top of my head exactly which folder you need to do this for, but scanning through this section should hit a couple of threads where this is mentioned. Sadly, there’s not really anything that can be done with the corrupted files themselves.

Ok thanks you for your quick reply.
Nice tip to restore a previous version of file or directory. This option is accessible when it is activated through windows settings and I dont think its enable by default.
It is not activated on my pc so no way on this side.
I am trying right now to restore a previous automatic backup of windows.
I think personal documents are not involved in this process but worth a try.
Few try later, this process does not work too.

Damm it if I cant restore my save. No way to restart a new char.
Hope dev or tech support can help on this issue or at least, do a backup’s backup in their profile system.
If my .tmp was not at 0ko, and have a copy of itself at a previous stable state, I would be able to restore it easily.

?? You should be able to start a new character at any time, prior save or not. Not sure what the issue here is?

I mean “no way” because of the loss of my main char just because my computer crashed. Kind of disgusted of BL3 for a while.
I wont make a list of all games i have done so far ( I am 37) and never happen such a bad things.
This is between a bad joke or a bad backup system and all of it.
So yeah, no really up to restart from starting point…

Restore your profile save folder, the one with the long number in it, and you should be good to go. The newest the better, it’s a Windows feature.

Nice tip too but it has to be enable before a crash

This feature was not enable on my computer so it wont be possible for me to restore any file or directory.

It will be enable now but its crazy to see how a 2019’s game can fall into a simple crash like this. Not so hard to keep a couple of backup.
This is just some ko, we are not talking about gigabytes !

Yes gearbox, Im quite pissed of now, never happen such a **** just caused by a pc reset !

More than hundred hours of play, grind and stuff, just vanished !

I agree, that is what saved my level 38 Flak a few weeks ago. Too bad it didn’t work out for you. My temp file was also corrupted so this Windows feature saved my ass.
I wasn’t ready to start a new char for what it’s worth.

Welcome to the club :0
I use share computer. We share it by NVME plug beside CPU plug. He love to overclock his computer.
its normaly to a boi . But when I use this computer and play Bl3 and forget to restore my bios setting its wil give me bluescreen :0

And When it happen . I just download save file from cloud. Bcouz I already know it will corrupt
Its happen once. I post here. No one can help . My friend got this issue too . if Bluescreen
flile will corrupt no longer use. so . congatz Now you gonna got a key from support If
they cant repair it for you mu hahaha - o - …

But … now day . chest is almost a junk chest. last 4 - 5 time is I open it. by key from a web .
I really pick up nothing from it.

I think I just made topic here about save file. so bad you not read about it :0

those game keep they save file in a secure server room . in nucler shelter. Its never ever crash :o
but this game lets you stay with save file. and they already give you a chance to send it to shelter …
but its you … is send corrupt file to shelter - O - ’

This game aollow you huggy hug your save file and play with it. even someone go hacking it
modify it to give 70 skill !!! and not dare about its gonna corrupt in future. that not good ?
even your net black out. you move down to nuclear shelter. and war or zomebie walking
on the ground. You still have a game for entertain you inside shelter .