Corrupted save ps4. Please help

My wife and I have been playing pretty casually since the game came out and we loved it for awhile. Lately she’s had lots of issues where the game crashes and tells her the save file is corrupted. At first it might happen every few days, and I would delete the save files on the ps4 and download the last online save. This seemed to bandaid it for a couple of days until today, when it started happening within a couple of minutes of her loading a game. I’ve even gone as far as deleting the whole game off her external hard drive and downloading a fresh one to the system storage, but this has not helped either. We started a new character and still got kicked right after we started playing. Any advice?

I have encountered multiple bugs on the PS4 version of Borderlands 3, but not this one, thankfully. I would certainly open a support ticket.

After reinstalling the game to the PS4 local hard drive, did you still have trouble creating a new character and playing (meaning, before restoring the possibly corrupt character save files)?

What about in offline mode? Can you not create a new character and play in the fresh install of the game in offline mode?

We have not tried offline yet, I guess that’s next on the list. She opened a support ticket and their initial response was to clear the cache by power cycling the ps4. Pretty sure I covered that when I brought her ps4 to my office to download the game again after I wiped every trace of it off the external hard drive and the supposed corrupted save files. She’s created 2 characters this evening and both have gotten kicked within a couple minutes because they were corrupted. At this point she can’t seem to play at all, at least online.

We’re both playing on ps4 pros, and have pretty much done every quest together so far. I haven’t had any issues. The only difference we really have is that I bought the disk and she downloaded from the store.

Is her user profile a guest profile, or primary profile? Does the profile have ps plus?

She has her own profile and ps plus

Let’s take a guess that her PS4 is the culprit. Can she log into your PS4 with her profile and play successfully?

Just trying to zero in on where the problem is

This is not one of the common issues, causing me to wonder, preliminarily, if her ps4’s firmware, OS, HD, etc. is haywire…

Ok I brought her ps4 to work with me yesterday and reformatted the whole thing. Then deleted all of her online profiles for borderlands 3, then downloaded a fresh copy of the game. This morning we started brand new characters, hit level 12, then it boots her saying the save is corrupted. Log back in, then get kicked for the same reason a few minutes later. Haven’t tried offline because that defeats the point of us having the game if we cannot play it together. At this point she’s so frustrated she never wants to play again.

Oh yea, and about her ticket. About the best they could offer her was some free golden keys. Wtf is the point if any character she creates is corrupted?

I hate to say this, bro, but I am thinking this is an issue with her PS4. Hardware, likely.

From your description, sounds like you have two PS4 systems, one acting up, the other not? Can you play any other games on the ‘broken’ system without it crashing?

Many people have issues playing multiplayer games with two systems in the same household, since both accounts use the same IP address and games identify users with the IP address. But what seems to happen more typically are just disconnects for one of the players. Do the crashes happen if you play the game on your wife’s system, without the other one being connected? If you can play on the one system alone without crashes, this may be part of the issue?

In any case, sounds like a PITA. Sorry for your difficulties :frowning:

I have not tried playing on her ps4. I’ve played her account on my ps4 and I still get the corrupted save error. I thought it might have something to do with me playing off a disc and her having a digital copy.
We usually play on the home wifi together, however there have been times where she plays on the house wifi and I play on my hotspot off my note 10+ 5g.

Her profile gets the same error on your PS4?! That is good news! That means that her PS4 system may not be botched.

What is causing this issue on her specific PS4 profile, then, appears to be the question…

It would be helpful to know if your profile on her system works correctly, but I would absolutely backup your profile, first…

What about creating a new PS4 profile (only to play BL3)?

Problem with the PS4 database that you describe does not account for the issue existing on the 2nd PS4, unless both have the same problem, caused by the app…

He did that. According to him, he formatted and created a new profile/character, but, eventually, the same corrupt d file occurs

Originally, this seemed a PS4 specific issue, but is sounding more like a profile issue…