Corrupted Save!

My game froze so I shut down my PC. When I opened the game again my game save was corrupted! Lost 5 hours of progress!

Hi, you are in the PS4 tech support, you should try to post it in PC tech support.

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I am having this issue in ps4. I can’t create a re topic about it because this exists.
Can someone help. Here is the error message.

I have deleted the data 3 times. Re inserted the disc. Even gone into the storage and removed all info on BL3. I have booted the ps4 in safe mode and rebuild database. No luck.


I am having the same issue with my PS4 and the BL3 data corrupting. I have submitted a help ticket with as much information as I could. When I get a response I will post it here in hopes that it helps others .

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I am also getting this error. It happened once in Tazendeer then I didn’t have any issues. Now I’ve started TVHM and it happened in the start and now I can’t get pass the Gearbox logo when starting.

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I was just playing through the campaign when suddenly my controller stopped working and then I got a message saying my data failed to save and that I had corrupt data. I rebooted the game and now I get the same message except the game also says that I have to use the default settings in order to continue. Hitting that does nothing. I then attempted to delete the data and I got error messages.

I’m with the same problem on my PS4. I deleted the game and even I format my PS4 and lose everything, and this error continue.


I called PlayStation support and they advised me it was the HDD if it was still happening. So I got a new one. Haven’t had any issues since. Hope that helps. P.s. they are like $20 on eBay and you can unscrew it was 4 screws. But if it’s in warranty then take it back.

I have had the same problem tonight with my game disc, I played for about 5-6 hours then lost everything, all other games and discs are working fine just not borderlands 3 and another beef I have with gearbox right now is I tried to sign into my gearbox account but forgot password so I clicked the forgot password link 2 days ago and still haven’t recievee the email to reset my password. $155 down the drain! They better have a solution for this cause contacting them and getting an answer in an acceptable time just never happens. Customer care is important if you want to continue to prosper gearbox!

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Hey my boyfriends character save corrupted. His guardian rank is still there and all his guns on in his vault. Any way to recover the save?

I had also faced this problem couple of months ago and I lost my save data in PS4 game. But Thanks to this information which helps me to fix this issue. I hope any one can get the useful information from here. Thanks!

Guys no joke this happened to me like 4 days back on my ps4. It messed up my ps4. Had to re initialize my ps4 like 3 times. Weird thing is, it wouldn’t let me rebuild the data base. Every other game i have plays good. Until BL3 is installed then it goes crazy. I had my Zane level 50 and in mayhem mode 1, all i was doing was farming for legendary weapons and the next morning boom it failed on me. Been having odd errors also.

Got in contact with 2k and they’re trying to figure it out on their end before i completely take it to playstation support. Been afraid to even pop in the disk. Hard drive seems fine, no weird noises and everything is working fine.

This game is full of all types of bugs and lags like crazy when there is too much going on. Currently My character is stuck with 1 health and will not refill. Quit the app several times and it remains the same. Also my game just froze in the middle of a boss fight and had to reset the app. Not for nothing but the game can’t handle all that goes on. the cyclone steering sucks when you join someones game you can’t even keep it straight. Slaughter shaft and star has AI that gets stuck in the walls and you can’t continue. This is the first borderlands I ever played and what a horrible first impression seriously.