Corvette Immunity to Gravwell

So, I’ve been playing a few matches in multiplayer and I have noticed that inexplicably, the Vaygr corvettes are utterly immune to grav well generators. They can waltz right in and out, while every other races strike craft are paralyzed. Additionally, defense fields do not apparently block fire from laser corvettes and only occasionally missile corvettes. Has anyone else encountered this issue? It makes attempting to fight them at any stage of the game nearly impossible as a hw1 race.


FFs shield against projectiles and propelled munitions. Ion and laster will get through. Also, while I havent seen a missile get thru one in limited testing, 1 in 4 or so projectiles from a Vag destroyer made it through. So it’s not an absolute shield.

Also, it’s the middle vets that are currently bugged with gravwells.

The corvettes are def bugged, was confirmed by a dev in another post (use the dev tracker at the top)

And I can confirm that the defense fields CAN block ion cannons. Both the Taiidan and Hiigaran ones. However, as with all things that the FF can block, they all have a chance to penetrate, and things like ions have a higher chance of doing so.

Fixed it in this mod.