Cosmetic legendaries drop too frequently

I dont know if anyone else has this issue, but if I decide to farm a boss whether ots offline or online more often then not I end up getting legendary skins or gun trinkets instead of weapons artifacts or shields. It’s cool that they are legendary, but i cant even begin to explain how many times the " sure, why not" skin drops or the psychedelic one drops instead of actual gear. Is anyone else running into these items flooding the loot pool or am I extremely unlucky


Yeah the skins showing up forever at endgame is just a problem we had to deal with in BL2 as well. No idea why they just didnt fix it. Like if the point of dropping a legendary is to be hyped, skins ruin that completely. Like in general they make no sense to drop after you have them, are you supposed to send it to friends? hell even if you do that, itll drop for them 1000 times over during endgame as well. Maybe if you are in cooperation mode or smtn, but in both? Don’t see a reason what so ever.

It’s frustrating when I finally get a decent loosplosion and 3 of the items are cosmetic, I’ve traded most of them to the people I play with, and you can only sell the items for a dollar. Every once in a while I’ll get a head I didnt have yet. But i fell like the items shouldnt be saturating lootspolls as much as they are. Or at least let us trade them for iridium or something.

What you don’t want ravenous and psychodelic for the 40th time for absolutely no reason at all??? LOL There literally isn’t a single person on my 35 friends list that plays BL3 I haven’t sent these skins to at this point, most of which have of course messaged me saying thanks but they (wait for it) also already had it! LMFAO

40th? Those are rookie numbers, we gotta pump those up. But seriously it would be nice if they adjust the drops on these.

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If by adjust you mean set to literally 0 after they have been acquired. Im usually trying to keep things calm when it comes to “removing things”, but I have literally no patience for skins. Literally just a waste of loot, and sometimes even a negative if it bates me into thinking its an actually good legendary/purple that im farming for.

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I agree completely, if I’m farming for a grenade and I see something small drop and it’s a skin it’s infuriating

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