Cosmetic loot improvement

How do people feel about them at the moment? I know a general consensus was they were too common, I feel like the DLC3 cosmetics though are a bit on the rare side it seems. Besides that, the main reason I made the thread was that I feel it is long overdue for cosmetic loot to be given a different typing, so that it shows up clearly with its own color. I think as it is now it both creates disappointment for some, and also potentially causes people to sometimes overlook them because they sometimes share loot coloring with low rarity gear.

It could be like a super light blue or pink that has the same height as legendary.

  • Heads, skins, Echo themes: can’t see them while playing, so I sort of don’t care.

  • Weapon skins: visible, but they just sort of seem random (and I still use the stock skins to help identify weapons at a glance). If they had dedicated manufacturer themes, maybe.

  • Room decorations: there’s another thread about this: would love a couple more spots and more lighting on them. Also, how are there no manufacturer posters or propaganda? I do like these as visible things (and newer, interactive ones are neat).

  • Weapon trinkets: these are a cosmetic that I actually thoroughly enjoy:

    • They are constantly visible to the player during normal gameplay (with a very few exceptions based around weapon design and trinket placement).
    • They add a sense of motion to the character given the way they bounce around when jumping, sliding, and running, but are still when not… like weapon bob, but better. See also: high recoil shots and taking fire.
    • They come with manufacturer themes (mostly… hoping further additions fill out this space).
    • They don’t require a Quick Change machine to rotate them out: can be done on the fly in the field.
    • There are quite a few, and being an icon instead of a, eh, wallpaper, I think they lend themselves to creating a more nuanced character theme.