Cosmic Fist Amara (most OP build in the game?)


This build that will wipe the floor with every m10/m11 mob and boss in the game while also being so tanky you are borderline invincible (you will die from pits and yourself blowing up something random, that’s it). Literally 1 shot anything that’s not a boss or doesn’t have triple health bars. Heck 1 shot some bosses too. After using your action skill you deal all 5 elements of damage, PLUS melee damage, PLUS splash damage, PLUS gun damage it’s ridiculous. Everything stacks on itself and did I mention you are fast AF BOI! All base game gear except for 1 event item (Fish Slap which is gonna be available soon in Cartel 2021!).

(Sorry if you came after Twitch video expired. If enough people ask I will upload to my youtube.)

Order of events:

  1. Maliwan takedown
  2. True Trial of Discipline
  3. Guardian takedown
  4. Tyreeen (IDC I felt like it)
  5. Slaughter Shaft
  6. Hemovorous
    Total Time: ~85 minutes

The last 20 minutes or so is just me talking about the build and my gear. Note that I already have some of the most perfect gear you could have for this build. My artifact has 2 perfect bonus stats (cryo/shock damage), and my class mod also has 2 (melee damage and Hyperion crit damage believe it or not, but splash radius is nice too) though it is only level 60. I plan to farm for a perfect Fish Slap in the new Cartel event.

Just to be up front…

This is a Facepuncher build.

This is a Driver build.

This is a fakegrasp build but you do actually use your action skill a lot too.

Gear that is absolutely necessary:

  1. Redundant Facepuncher w/ consecutive hits.
  2. Brawler Ward w/ +300% melee and ASE fire or corrosive.
  3. Spiritual Driver w/ +3 Mindfulness.
  4. Cryo Stone Static Charge.
  5. Fish Slap w/ ASE rad (or you can also use It’s Piss)

You will also want:

  1. Crader’s EMP5 (for skips)
  2. Any Cutpurse/Bullet Vamp artifact (to refresh ammo)
  3. Any Berzerker artifact (for skips)

Skill tree:

You will be using Ties That Bind and Expedite. You cycle between Fire and Corrosive depending on the enemy. Shock does not stack with Static Charge, so you are actually getting less damage if you use it. I generally just keep fire on most of the time and switch to corrosive for takedowns or certain bosses.

Clarity and Helping Hands (both green tree) will change depending on what your class mod gives you. You ALWAYS want 3 points into Clarity and 2 into Helping Hands with the class mod equipped.

DIsable the Guardian skills Shield Reboot and Emergency Response. You will need to have the Groundbreaker Guardian skill at least, but if you don’t have all the Guardian skills you probably shouldn’t be in this thread.

Build breakdown:

  1. Fakegrasp to proc Driver. This will break your shield and instantly give you Ward bonuses.
  2. Shoot stuff with Facepuncher.
  3. Realgrasp big or super fast enemies and focus on killing them. You should in a few hits if not one. Once you kill them you will proc your shield and grenade anointment and will do 100% more damage AND you can crit (this is useful for bossing).
  4. Slide to make your next shot do a LOT more damage.
  5. The Static Charge shock link doesn’t do a heck of a lot of damage to nearby enemies except to shields. Use it more as a way to find the next thing to kill. It does shock through walls.
  6. If you freeze an enemy don’t shoot it, melee it. You get 300% melee bonus and your normal melee should be enough to kill an enemy that was damaged and frozen by the Facepuncher.
  7. Fish Slap will also get your melee boosts and will do tons of damage. Jumping augment is the best you want 4 jumps if you can find it (and rad). It will also heal you and can also be used to finish off frozen enemies.
  8. Your passive health regen will override your self DOT and almost any other DOT that an enemy can apply to you in the game. The only exception are elemental pools as they will do much largers chunks of damage per tic. It might seem like it’s going down at first but remember that Clarity is based on how low your health is, and as it gets lower the passive heal gets stronger. Eventually the DOT just hits a brick wall and doesn’t hurt anymore.
  9. However a good chunk of your healing will come from Sustainment. You only need to hit for 1 million per shot to instantly refill your entire health bar, and at base you do like 2-3 million (no Driver or Ward procs) so yes, just make sure your shots hit and you are basically invincible.
  10. In the rare case you go down (probably from the fish, ALWAYS respect the fish) Guardian Angel (the skill not the gun) will be there to save you. Just don’t go down more than once every 120 seconds and you are good. And even if you do, remember you get Ward procs in FFYL, just hit something small once and you will get up.

If you guys have questions just ask I will be happy to help. Good luck have fun.

EDIT: Just wanna list out all the perfect rolls for this gear…

  1. Redundant Facepuncher w/ consecutive hits, 8 round mag, and only the reload bonus and shield body accessories (in other words it does not have the accuracy penalty body accessory).
  2. Level 1 Brawler Ward w/ cryo resistance, +300% melee, ASE fire/corrosive.
  3. Fish Slap w/ rad, triple jumping augment (4 jumps total), ASE rad.
  4. Cryo Stone Static Charge w/ shock damage, cryo damage, melee damage.
  5. Spiritual Driver w/ +3 Mindfulness, melee damage, weapon damage, Hyperion crit damage.
  6. Berzerker Victory Rush w/ 24% movement speed bonus stat (for skips).