Cosplay Guide: Pendles - Snake Under Construction

Continuing the discussion from this topic, in which @batman59b19 asked for help with a Pendles Cosplay.
After I bainstormed alot on that matter yesterday I thought to write an own Cosplay-Guide :heart:

~Snake Under Construction~

To craft & built props and costumes can seem overwhelmingly complicated, but often things are far simpler to achieve than one might think.

In this guide(collection of tips) I´ll try to give tips for an easy made Cosplay.
This means I´ll leave out techniques as silicone work, Worbla/EVAplast, resin casting, fiberglass, robotics, LEDs, advanced latex-work, ect.

I will try to give step-by-step instructions and hopefully I can ad more templates, patterns and photos of certain crafting processes soon.
(I´ve ALOT work going on, so I´ve to see when I´ve time.)

:heart: Lets start the construction of a sneaky Snake in sneakers :heart:

A fully movable thing will be a hell of a project, including robotics and alot of silicone/latex and electronics.

So I´d recommend following Easy-mode:

Materials: a big plush snake & bandages, needle and thread/sewing machine, maybe glue to fixate the bandages

  • Cut the head off and strip the remaining snake it over your arm like a mitten. Remove filling/wadding if needed.

  • For a posable tentacle which could hold a Kama, use thick gardener-wire to give it a wire-skeleton.

  • Twist two long strands of wire into one thicker strand and shove it through the tentacles inside, through the wadding. At best the wire-skeleton should reach up to the tentacles tip.
    With this wire inside you can bend & pose the whole tentacle.

  • You can wrap bandages arround the new constructed arm before or let it do a friendly helper while you already wear it.

Those big plushie snales cost 10-20 bucks on ebay, you can find those in almost every color/pattern and they are quiet big.

If you want it more complicated though more cool:

Materials: Fabric, stuffing (like sponge, foam, wadding), thick precoloured latex milk, alot of patience, needle & thread.

  • Sew a long hose/snakearm from fabric. Stuff the front parts (everything where you wont have your arm/hand in) completely with foam, spongeparts or wadding.

  • Prepare ALOT of scales from precoloured thick latex-milk. (Each scale needs 3-5 layers thick latex to be sufficient.)

  • Glue on the prepared latex-scales onto the snakearm with more latex or special latex-glue. This will take ALOT of time, since you need to place each scale single and let it dry before continuing.

  • When all scales are glued on, bandage your new snakey tentacle :heart:

Hood & Vest/Jacket:

Materials: Foamplates (thick black & thin orange), hotglue, needle & thread, a fitting black vest.

As base take a sporty black vest with NO hood. The hood will need to get crafted seperately.

You can adjust a black sweater or black vest by sewing on furzher pockets, deko-seams and by spraying the Kobra-symbol on it. (See intructions a few paragraphs below.)

The hood is so strangely formed usual fabric won´t do the job here.

You´d need foamplates - available in multiple sizes & colors as school-crafting material ->ÅMÅŽÕÑ&url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=moosgummi&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Amoosgummi
to construct a more solid hood that keeps its form.

I´d need to work out a pattern for the hood to explain further, I´ll try to make & upload one soon.

Front Loincloth:

Materials: rubber foamplates, hotglue, a fitting strip of black fabric, scissors/cutter

  • Cut out a fitting piece of black cloth/fabric (long rectangular strip).

  • Make templates from paper for the grey/orange armorplates.

  • Use the template to cut out the plates from rubberfoam-sheets.

  • If you have cut all plates, paint them.

  • If the plates are done take a hotglue gun and glue the sibngle plates onto the black cloth strip.

  • Cut the holes in for proper ratchet look.

Easy-mode: Cut clothstrip from white fabric (cotton) and take fabric-paint to paint on the details.


  • Search regulary on Ebay or yardsales for cheap fitting sneakers you could paint & adjust.

  • You can also repaint old shoes, or combine the thick stuffed shaft of winterboots (for the upper part of the sneaker) with old sneakers.

  • Shoes are easy to spraypaint or to paint with acrylics. If you recycle old shoes don´t feel guilty to use hotglue.


  • See if you find thin fitting black leggings or tight jeans.

  • Use very thick white yarn to add some raw sewn threads for the perfect ratchet look.



Materials: Paper for the stencil, a cutter or scalpel, Spraypaint (Belton/Molotow/spraypaint for fabric) or usual fabric paints, the vest

  • Search a good big picture of Pendles backside and enlarge the Kobra-logo.

  • Print it out and cut a stencil (as for graffiti). With this stencil you can simply spraypaint the logo onto your vest.

  • Put in a piece of cardboard in the vest so it lays straight and without raffles. Tape the stencil on the fabric and use spraypaint, Belton-colours work nicely. (or at best fabricpaint & a brush, but its more dificult.)

Only spray OUTSIDE! Or wear a protective mask.


Materials: Polymerclay, maybe Sculpting tools, Paint if needed (Acrylics only)

  • Bones are easily sculpted from white/grey polymerclay (for example: Sculpey, Premo, Fimo, Cernit)

  • Make several thick rolls for your bones. Sculpt the rolls in a way both ends are thicker than the middle.

  • Sculpt the thicker ends into boneheads.

  • Bake the bones as recommended on the clays package (usually 110°Celsius for 15-30min max.)

  • To attach the bones on a belt you can use real leatherstripes you glue on with hotglue.
    Or, if possible, really sew the bones ontio a leatherbelt with leatherstrings. Sewing leather is quiet a rough job though.

I´ll add a step-by-step tutorial for sculpting the bones later on, so each step above will get a descriptive picture.

Belt Pockets & Bags:

Materials: Brown rubberfoam sheets, hotglue, buttons, maybe needle & thread, paper for pattern/stencils


To craft pockets as worn by Pendles is really easy if you know how.
I built all my tradingcard-deckholders in this way I´ll show you. The pattern is very easy and you can adjust it for many sizes and designs.

Here a folding pattern for Pendles belt pockets and the bags he wears on his legs:

Belt Pocket:

I´ll add following patterns ASAP:
-Leg Pocket (right leg, 2 tubelike bags)
-Leg Pocket 2 (left leg)

How to use the pattern to craft a simple brown pocket:

  • Enlarge & print out the pattern and cut it out.

  • Use the pattern to draw the outlines and folding lines on a sheet brown rubberfoam.

  • Cut out the outlines.

  • Prefold the foam along the folding lines. You can fold it and lay a book on it for an hour, then the foam will stay bend.

  • Fold the pocket so the lashes (blue&orange on the pattern) lay on the same coloured marked areas and glue the lashes on with a bit hotglue.
    The lashes should now be glued onto the insides of the new fold pocket.
    This is a bit tricky, you may need 2-3 tries until its perfect.

  • Cut a slit for the button into the front lash. (Marked on the pattern with X)

  • Sew on a button on the “X” on the front. (Marked as “Button Base” X)

  • To wear the pocket on a belt, cut out a stripe rubberfoam (ca. 2cm broad, 6-7cm long)
    Glue this stripe´s ends on the back of the pocket. Just glue on top & bottom so the stripe functions as lash you can put a belt through.

I´ll try to add step-by-step photos as soon as I can.

Following soon (if my RL lets me…)

  • Aviant Skull Kama

  • Ice Pickle Kama

  • Glove

  • Hood Pattern

  • Ideas for a Pendles-mask

  • more pictures for better understanding



Wow very nice ideas for a Pendles cosplay. Btw, is it just me or does that bell pocket image looks very disturbing…


Thanks! :heart: Hope I can add more soon.

I´ve noooo idea what you´re talking about… Though I think the pattern looks like the Deadalus class spaceships from Stargate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: