Cost-effective optimised Q-sys annoint good?

is this weapon desirable with 200% melee after phase slam? boss roll but anoint not so sure…2x1471

Only Amara can benefit from the anointment but it’s a great weapon overall.

Best anointment would be ASE 100% damage as any vault hunter can benefit from the anointment.

Shot! thanks man - was just curious if the anoint commanded a premium in trading realm, tryna get my hands on an ele proj otto idol which is like, stupid to farm -_-

what system are you on? Just hop over to the respective trade forum and someone will probably just give you one FYI

If PS4 I got plenty.


I’ve got one for you if you play on PC

AMG will degrade myself if necessary! :smiley: got a couple things for trade if anything I have strikes you. name - Draconus87

Some prefer to keep action skills up as long as possible, e.g., Zane, so an Action Skill End anointment does not benefit them as much.


Agreed but I was referring to an anointment that wasn’t character specific.