Costant crashes with "out of video memory error" on a rx 5700 xt

I changed my old nVidia gtx 970 with the aforementioned gpu after removing all the drivers with DDU.
Installed the latest drivers for the 5700 xt and the game cannot even start the benchmark,
with the old GPU everything was fine
I tried all modes (borderless and full screen) and detail levels high and ultra but same result. As soon as the benchmark sounds start after the loading I crash directly into windows with the error displayed below.
My system is a bit old but I ran all sort of benchmarks and played other games without issues to rule out that the problem is about the new gpu.
My system spec:
CPU: i7 2600
Memory: 8gb DDR3
Motherboard: Asus P8H67-M LE

Problem solved increasing the paging size.

How did you increased it ?
I have the same error (and GPU) and I don’t know why and how to solve it …

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I increased the paging file from 4gb to 8gb in my case because I had only 8gb of RAM and apparently they were not enough together with 4gb of paging file if you use high resolution and details. Anyway here is a guide that explains you how to do that,36929.html

Good Luck!


it was that, I changed the value in the past (for 1024) in order to check the pagefilesys (was too big)
and forget to set the default value after…

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