Costume Design Contest!

Fellow Players and Moderators of Battleborn, is it possible to organize a costume creation event for people who is also interested in this games art/design parts that wishes to contribute to its treasury? I’m interested if I can practice with my drawing skills to contribute this game with drawing costumes to the playable characters (for in game, not for cosplaying)if they will consider benefiting from these possible ideas.

Bump, no one, anyone? Moderators, are you alive?

I’d wait a little longer than 40 minutes to bump a thread. Other than that, I like this idea!

But you keep checking back constantly when you are excited, right? RIGHT?

Is this in reference to cosplay costumes or actual in game from scratch creations? I think it would be a great idea to do a art/skin costume contest but making something original instead of copying something from game and the winning new costumes get added to the game as skins. That would be neat like what they did with the taunt contest last year!

Hehe I had a similar idea yesterday! :smiley:

I already asked a mod if GBX would allow fanart-contests here :slight_smile: But I love the idea of a costume contest too! Maybe we can do it together?

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Wasnt mean’t for cosplaying, I’ll edit the post, thanks.

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