Couch Co-Op and the frustrations that have not been addressed

I play couch co op with my fiance pretty regularly. Almost every night. We have played all of the borderlands games together for years. We cannot change the screen from horizontal to vertical. When ever her or I open our inventory, go to a store, level up, or check the map. The game comes to a screeching halt. The other person must essentially put down their controller and cannot do anything until there other is done. Sometimes you run out of ammo during tougher fights and need to switch your weapons. This is a death sentence for all involved. The text on quests, items, or anything other than the subtitles during co op is so tiny we have had to re arrange our living room to be able to see the game. I have looked and seen that a lot of others have essentially called the game unplayable during couch co op sessions. While that’s a bit extreme, it it’s incredibly frustrating and difficult to play. I have yet to see anything from 2k ackowledging these issues, or stating that there is a possible fix coming.