Couch co-op dlc campaigns trouble

Hi there. I have some questions about split screen. I have a Digital Deluxe edition and i’ve tried to play dlc campaign with my friend, who haven’t a copy of the game. And when we tried to start a dlc campaign it says that not everyone has full content. Why i can’t play my full version of The Game with my friends on My X1 console?.. on the couch😨

for some reason they dont allow the Ops missions to be played with another person that hasnt purchased the them. My girlfriend and I ran into the same problem and she wound up just buying the season pass :stuck_out_tongue:

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Season pass for Battleborn is applicable to one profile only. If you want to do Story Ops couch co-op, the second profile will have to own that content as well. The choices are: either buy a second season or just buy the DLC you want to play.

Yes, this is a break from the tradition of paid content being shared across all profiles on the same XBox.

No, I don’t know why they do it this way (apart from the obvious $$$). I do expect more games to try this in the future though, especially since game prices generally haven’t gone up in a long time.†

† Although Canadians are being gouged pretty hard on the exchange rate.


Randy Pitchford addressed this in a tweet recently. This decision was made by 2K, not Gearbox or Microsoft. For what it’s worth, I think it should be shared across profiles for couch co-op :confused:.


I had always suspected as much. Nice to have some official confirmation.

Edit: Wishing GBX every success in becoming their own publisher!


Too bad they likely don’t own the IPs and that means Battleborn and Borderlands will still be controlled by the publisher

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They might not have much say over publishing rights, but I’d be surprised if they’d signed away all creative rights to the IP. I doubt we’ll ever know the exact nature of the agreement between GBX and 2K though - I’m sure it contains a built-in NDA.


Not good. But i hope someday things will change.

Actually, I’m almost positive Gearbox own the Borderlands and Battleborn IPs. I couldn’t provide you with an official source as evidence but I’m 99.9% certain 2K does not have ownership like they do with Evolve, Civilization, XCOM, Mafia, etc.

One thing to keep in mind are the publishing rights in each contract. Again, there is no way I could ever prove this to you but putting myself in 2K’s position with the first Borderlands game, I would want the contract to include exclusive publishing rights for the entire series so as to ensure if the game is successful, only I would benefit from future installments in the series. That way, even if I (as 2K) do not own the IP, I can publish each installment and probably license the IP from Gearbox if I want to make another installment and the developer is on another project. This could explain how 2K Australia (now closed) developed Borderlands TPS while Gearbox was simultaneously working on what would become Battleborn. The obvious point here is both (a) publisher-owned IP and (b) exclusive publishing rights to the series without IP ownership can result in identical outcomes so there’s really no way for us to tell the difference without someone from Gearbox or 2K confirming one way or the other.

Now back to Battleborn. If Gearbox owns the IP (and I think they do), 2K probably already has exclusive publishing rights to all future Battleborn games (and I think they do) so if there ever is a “Battleborn 2”, 2K already has the final say in whether or not it will be developed because without them, there is no publisher. Without a publisher, there is no game.

If Gearbox’s publishing arm can ever cover a 2K-sized publishing and marketing budget, there may come a time when Gearbox can always develop and publish under the same banner… but it will probably have to be a new IP for the reasons I’ve discussed. So unless we hear otherwise, expect all Battleborn (and Borderlands) games to be published by 2K.

I’m sorry this post was longer than I expected. I just wanted to be thorough :smile:


Pretty sure one of the videos or interviews around TPS stated that 2K had approached GBX about that. And at the time it certainly made sense: fans wanting more Borderlands, GBX busy, and 2K Aus sitting idle after Bioshock 3 (? iirc)

Although it could also be a “right of first refusal”, meaning that if 2K declines to publish a sequel, GBX can take the IP elsewhere or self-publish. There are probably other possible arrangements as well. Mucho speculation, nada information.


So… half my statement was wrong? The part about them likely owning? Foggy on some of that

This whole thing in a nutshell, huh? :confused:

I think you’re far closer to being correct than incorrect. There’s just so much we don’t, and will probably never know. However, with enough time we’ll either see 2K’s logo on the next Borderlands game or another Battleborn some time in the future.

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