Couch Co-Op Let down! How did gearbox overlook this?

After being an avid Borderlands and BL2 fan, I thought this would be an amazing game. But can anyone tell me why 1/3rd of the screen is dedicated to a block of empty space and a small minimap/radar in Co-Op? I don’t know why gearbox just didn’t integrate the radar in co-op like any other BL game. Makes skill selection incredibly difficult and the text ultra tiny.

Please Gearbox–get rid of that huge block of empty space and just put the map within the display…Not that difficult. Really ruins the game for couch co-op. Very disappointing. What a let down.

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Yeah we’ve been fighting this too. Its a ridiculous screw up to be honest.

Joe says they’ve talked about it but nothing about what or if something will be done. They did mention adding things to it though which is absurd.

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Search for posts by Jythri on this (you can use the Dev Finder to get to his posts faster). There were a number of factors affecting the design choices available.

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Basically, The German Language.

German takes up at least twice as much space as any other language, so they have to allow for that. It’s very, very difficult to get right.

Hey @Ganjamira, can we get that translated into German please? :stuck_out_tongue:

Selbstverständlich :heart: = Sure! / Of course! lol

“Die deutsche Sprache beansprucht mindestens doppelt soviel Platz wie andere Sprachen, dem müssen sie gerecht werden. Es ist sehr sehr schwierig/kompliziert das richtig hinzubekommen.”

Thats the best/shortest german translation that is not dumbed down or shortened excessively. German has many 6-14letter words…

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Ok but still…We all have to adapt our game play and the enjoyment of the game so the German language can be displayed on an excessively large co op radar screen? It is extremely frustrating and makes me question future participation with this franchise. We love couch co-op and it is just a shame to not have the right build out, especially coming from a developer that so nailed it with BL.

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I believe that this is a requirement from Sony.

I thought shortly after launch they were talking about fixing that? I am glad to finally know their (imo, ridiculously stupid) reason for having the ghetto split screen. There are other ways they could have gone about it, easily. Oh well, I’ll just continue sitting three feet from the 60" tv and still need to squint.

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