Couch op glitches

Still waiting on simple fixes for co op on same xbox/screen. First annoying issue is controller glitch on sign in. Alot of times takes forever to play trying to figure out how get the other person in sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt and requires restarting xbox lol…next annoying thing is the super laggy menu which i know has been already addressed but why isn’t it fixed by now? idk why…then ofc all the glitchiness of the rest of the game which I dont mind so much but sometimes it like whyyyyyyy. Please I’d like to not have two controllers for one sign in it makes no sense how this even happens both controllers aren’t assigned to any account and have never had the problem occur with any other coop game I’ve ever played.

There won’t be any deeper code-fixes like this until a proper patch which I believe comes Nov. 21st with the takedown.