Couch potatoing

How do you pass your time these plague infested days?
I’m sleeping and playing games. Eating is also a thing.

All of the above. And binge watching shows.

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If possible, I mountain bike. When fire season was super high a couple months ago, they legit closed the forest - like nobody goes in there, period, so that put a damper on that. However, we’ve had a couple of good rains and a little snow, so 1) the forest opened up some time ago, 2) the dust is all gone from the trails, 3) it’s the “off season”, so I have all the usually-occupied trails, locations, and restaurants to myself, and 4) the trails are fantastic right now… damp without being muddy (and just enough snow to make it fun on the higher trails).

Inside though, it’s mostly video games, movies, reading, or just listening to music in front of the fire.

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Dmn bro that’s lit!