Could a dev give us a status update regarding outstanding bugs?

@BitVenom @thisquietreverie and any other dev still working on Homeworld RM, you have been really quiet the last few weeks :wink: could any of you maybe give us a small update on the current state of the still outstanding bug fixes mentioned in the changelist ? I’m not complaining or anything, it just has become really quiet on the dev front and I’m just a tad bit worried about it :slight_smile:


I’m mostly worried about the bug 666.


Yeah that is basically my main concern too and I would really love for someone with insider knowledge to at least give us a sign of life, because it feels a little like everyone involved with Homeworld Remastered just up and left this game :frowning:

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Yeah, now I am starting to wonder what is going on. Patience with lack of communication definitely has its limits, unless they are hard at work or are just waiting it out or something?

They said they are continuing to work on it and have done everything they have stated they were going to do after release so far, so I’m still giving them the benefit of the doubt.


They’re working on compiling a 64-bit exe.

(Okay I have no idea.)

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It has been weeks now without a single dev comment in the homeworld section (to my knowledge at least), this really starts to look like the game got abandoned :cry:


It’s only been a month guys. Have faith. :slight_smile:

They’re probably enjoying some much deserved family time.


I really hope that is the case, but honestly it is bad to do so without some notification or at least a reply from a community manager.

Well, I am sure if it comes down to it, we’ll be able to get some sort of response at some point in the future.

I am not too concerned. Everything changes given enough time.

On a side note, you can check the dev tracker in the forums to see which dev has actually signed onto the forums.

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Yeah I think so too, but it still is bad practice to just up and leave for a month or more without any information, it leaves the community uneasy and in the dark and you know how people on the internet are, they have the attention span of a fly and want instant gratification :wink:

Edit: Maybe we will hear some news at PAX ! :slight_smile:

They already confirmed news at pax, I’m pretty sure they are now working in that new Homeworld project, and kinda left this behind, well they could at least update the normal version with the current patch preview…

[quote=“Kadeshi, post:11, topic:1542919”]
I’m pretty sure they are now working in that new Homeworld project, and kinda left this behind, well they could at least update the normal version with the current patch preview…[/quote]

I really hope that is not the case, because that would be a slap in the face to the homeworld community and I personally would not buy a new Homeworld product from GBX if this one gets treated that way. So far I was really happy with the support the game received and the dedication from the devs, but there are still some outstanding bugs (especially #666 which is quite a major issue) which need fixing and if the game really gets left in this state it would certainly destroy my trust in any future Homeworld products from GBX, so I really really hope this won’t be the case :frowning:

No matter when they stop, they shouldn’t stop before the bug 666 gets resolved.


This is a pretty sweeping statement to make and throw out there considering we have no real information on it.

It also helps promote a sense of foreboding that we are all already feeling, some more than others.

@maelrizzo why yes, how horrible that GBX should have the nerve to make a new homeworld game, the sheer audacity and horror of it all!

Needless to say I’ll be buying it on day 1 if they do. That way they continue to pour dev effort into ALL homeworld games.

Why are you attacking me like this ? Nowhere in my post did I complain about them making a new Homeworld game, on the contrary, I would love to see a new game added to the franchise. What I DO have a problem with is dropping support for a product in a suboptimal state with remaining bugs such as issue #666 and starting to work on the next product, as it gives a bad impression (at least for me) and would make me cautious about buying another product from that studio as the same fate could happen to that game too. That was all that I was saying, no complaint about them working on a new Homeworld at all.

This is all just speculation at this point anyway and that is all that it was and maybe they do continue support and fix the remaining issues and everything is gonna be super duper, this was simply a hypothetical thought I voiced in case the support for this game has really ended and we are left with issues like #666 (I use this one over and over because it is by far the biggest one) as it would discourage me from buying another game from them.

That is quite a big assumption on your part as you have no idea (or do you have inside information ?) about the monetary distribution process of the company, they could just as well dump all that money into a new borderlands, or insert game title to increase future revenue instead of spending it on support for a product that will gain them no or close to no new income. I personally buy a game if it’s good, not because I wanna support a company, they don’t need my charity, loyalty or support, they sell products just like any other company and if the product is good I buy it, if not I don’t, that simple.

I hope this cleared things up a little ;), like I said, I would love to see a new Homeworld game, just not in favor of dropping support for this one. Oh and this was not meant to be a personal attack on you or anything (in case it comes across as such, which was NOT my intention !), I just wanted to thoroughly explain my point of view, which I hopefully achieved :smile:

At least we can say that some of the devs are actually logging current hours on the game.

Hope without communication.

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That is good to hear ! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, not a single word on Homeworld during the PAX event :’(

@duvalmagic, that was not very kind of you to make our hopes up with your tweet :’(

Sad Dwarf is sad :’(

:confused: that suprises me a little to be honest, as Randy Pitchford’s tweet insinuated that there would be Homeworld related news.