Could and should B3 be a better No Man's Sky? (Randomized Maps, Planets)

(Trajforce) #22

Random generated maps like dungeons in Diablo - I’m in
random generated planets - sorry, but Borderlands should be Borderlands

(Jermolthomas123) #23

There should have more boss levels and the story should be longer like for me maybe 4 hours long we should have more maps and be able to go and planets if have to

(ネコババするど~) #24

Me shtting out dead frogs, eating them, and then shtting them out again; followed by a full year of dysentery, then somehow catching the plague in the process, only to find out that I’ve actually died and gone to hell. All while being forced to listen to Stephen Hawking humming “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” over and over again all day/all night, while a miniature Marquis repeatedly slaps me with a dead fish that’s been out a bit too long…

This would be better than No Man’s Sky.

(Bdsnikolai) #25

Personally, i’d love the opportunity to explore all the vaults across the galaxy, but I don’t want to have randomly generated planets to do it on.

If we’re going from planet to planet, I want to see specific areas and story to go with each one.

(The Appletard) #26

It sounds like a cool Idea, keeping the story and characters and main envoirments very much intact, but adding perhaps like endgame in different forms that could be randomised. I am unsure though how it would fit an FPS, and while it works in Minecraft I’d say that’s a fairly simple game in it’s core, and I don’t know how it would be with Borderlands. But remains to be seen :slight_smile:

(Matrixneo42) #27

Maybe a mixture could work. A bunch of manually done custom areas on tailored planets for the main story. And proc. gen planets for infinite exploration and hunting of further vaults. Perhaps there would be no limit.

What’s interesting is that so much time has passed some BL2. BL3 has a daunting task of learning lessons from BL2, BL1, BL1.5, Destiny series, Diablo 3, Battleborn and No Mans Sky. So much good and bad to consider. Odds are I think, that we wont get proc gen planets/areas, but that would be fantastic.

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