Could anyone help

ive recently started uvhm and find it wayyyy too hard my gear feels like rarity XD

Head over here and show us your build.

What gear are you playing with and did you remember to slag everything?

Gotta give me something to work with! :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks ma dude

You might want to take a quick gander through this post, too:

Note that there’s supplementary lists for each character in the relevant character section.

[quote=“lewismc8, post:1, topic:1559976”]ive recently started uvhm and find it wayyyy too hard
[/quote]That’s by design… it’s meant to be an optional playthrough for players who want the challenge of decidedly harder combat. Normal mode is pretty entry-level material, and True mode is maybe “regular” level difficulty (compared to other FPS games for context), but UVHM is more like, “fine, maniacs, you want a difficult game? Suck on this!” (and the late OP levels of UVHM2 are like no other FPS game I’ve played).

Seriously though, once the shock wears off and you really start to work around the combat mechanics as outlined in the link above, you should be fine. I actually think the first few steps into UVHM are harder than when you get to level 72, since you have a full 11 more skill points to use (which really help) when you get there.


Completely agree with this. Its surprising how much difference those last few skill points make.

Yeah can’t even get past captain flynt without getting absolutely destroyed

Flynt really requires good timing and good gear. The worst thing about that fight is how easy it is to get stuck on the terrain just in time to be set on fire by the nearest vent. For Flynt himself, slag + explosive weapon + AoE grenades work for me.

I’ll punk him at that point: if it’s my first run at him, I’ll jump down, then run straight towards him and jump off the side, scramble back up to the vending machines, and spam him from the (somewhat) safe place in that nook. When the fight isn’t impeding my progress and is fair enough to enjoy, I’ll slug it out with him mano a mano.


Flynt can’t go into the area to the right of the vending machines, so you can camp in this area, take out the psychos as they come and then potshot Flynt to death. You need to move a little bit around in that area as your cover point will vary depending on Flynt’s position.

You can get a bee shield early in UVHM from the Tina DLC, as it’s not that hard to get to the Forest and kill Treeants.


That’s actually a pretty smart thing to do. I usually try and tough it out until I die, and then take pot-shots from the vending machine area. Never thought of intentionally jumping overboard! I like @ChemicalConundrum’s suggestions too.

there is a rail/bar that sticks up by the machines, I’ll hop on this and jump back up to the machines and pot shot him as he stands there trying to kill me, but your way works as well also, both get the job done

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true but his bs long range attacks always kill me :confused: if anyone wants to help my steam id is lewismc64

Again, the key area is that area you can jump through to the right of the vending machines, or if you go down the way you are supposed to and are facing Flynt, back up and go to your left. He can’t go in that little box and you can pop in and out of cover to tag him. Usually, he’ll be to the right, but sometimes he’ll go under the vending machine area, so you have to go to the right slightly to draw him out and dodge his fire. Like any boss, it’s patience, you won’t burst him all down at once and when he’s in flame mode, don’t bother. Grab a bee if you need and any solid gun plus a slag gun. You’ll want something strong for the psychos who rush in, just so you can keep them clear. They can be good for second winds in a pinch. This technique works for all gun characters, as I’ve tried it with all six.

Just killed him XD thanks everyone


If you tell us which character you’re playing as, plus your gear and build, we can give you more specific advice. Use the link to show us the build!

UVHM is a bit of a shock the first time, but you’ll soon find the rhythm of it. Don’t worry!