Could anyone please help me out here (ps4)

TVHM is literally very difficult I’m playing mechromancer and I’m level 43 and I’ve spent HOURS to get past the road to bunker, it’s simply IMPOSSIBLE, I am not a bad player but if i have to stay at a mile range from a constructor v2 to be able to kill him with all of my ammo taking 15 minutes, followed by being killed by respawning enemies and a respawning constructor v2 is just the limit for me, I nearly broke my controller for this crap. If anyone could help me get past this I’d be really happy, my PSN is Kshro_

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What platform do you play on? Ill move you to the appropriate online play section so you can get some help more quickly.

depends on how you’re set up, but when I was running around that level with gaige I liked to hit constructors with a Discord + corrosive Vladof or Dahl sniper.

Oh my bad forgot to mention that, I’m on PS4

Well that’s a problem because I don’t have a decent sniper for my level atm lol

Yeah that’ll set you back.
If you have golden keys to spare that could be a worthwhile use.
Also consider farming a Lyuda from Mobley in the Dust or some WEP LLM runs can provide good gear.
Edit: no idea what level Mobley sits at in TVHM, so that may not be a good option.
If you don’t need a Rubi maybe get a Sloth from Rakkaholics Anonymous if you haven’t taken the quest yet, then dashboard farm for corrosive.

Ok cool beans. Got you moved to the PS4 online play and trading category.

Happy looting!

I’ll be off work in 8 hours if you can wait

Got all the time in the world, I’ll try farming some stuff according to what FunkJunkie said earlier and if I still can’t get past it I’ll wait, hit me up whenever you have time, my PSN is Kshro_

If you’ve got money to spare and you tip moxxi enough she will always give you a good smg parallel to your level…

I just did that, but isn’t that always fire anyway after the 2nd time? fire doesn’t really do a good job against loaders n stuff

Yeah, you can only get the corrosive variant from Moxxie once per play through unfortunately.

Other things to consider could be an element matched Dahl/Vladof AR or E-tech AR (they are ammo hogs but can have good accuracy and great fire rate) or even an Vladof or high ROF Hyperion pistol.
Don’t forget to look at the rest of your gear; matching an elemental relic and Catalyst mod can up your damage for big targets like that even if it doesn’t necessarily jive with your normal play style.

That sequence can be annoying but if I can mange it, anyone can :slightly_smiling:

This is what I do every time. As soon as you kill the enemies at the gate you run full steam ahead until you get to the other side of the wall on the same level as the Constructor (there is a Hyperion chest and some ammo crates there). Ignore the Hyperion troops that exit the door and run by you. Make sure you have a good Tesla Grenade and a Rocket Launcher.

From here you basically play peek a boo with him. Jump out from cover and throw some Tesla Grenades and unload with the Rocket Launcher. Go back behind the wall when you have to reload (rinse/repeat). Since you have Death Trap he will work as a good aid/distraction while doing this.

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Literally what I tried, didn’t have a good launcher/sniper so I just used whatever I had but I literally had no chance to get past it, the final attempt was just using a pistol at a massive range, and when he finally died, the rest respawned, so yeah I’ve just gotten tired of that crap lol. Been doing the Torgue DLC and got some nice weapons already, will try again later and if all else fails, Krasovec1 said he could help after he got off work

I can help u after 7 pm UK time if u need help psn is rockshox

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I already sold it lol, didn’t know it was that good, did all missions in normal mode, except terramorphous

rockshox helped me out with the mission, I’ll be good for now, thanks for all the replies and tips guys