Could Anyone Please Help Me With Ideas For My Community Legendary?

That would be pretty cool. Maaaayyybe Gearbox could do a lil competition thing where the best ones get official implementation?


I’m curious what mine would be…damn you @FlamesForAll! now i’m curious



You’d be a Rogue or UPR mad Tactical / gear genius.

Msybe you could buff all your team mates while weakening enemies or something…,

That is a really cool idea! I’ve seen lots of threads where people have listed out their desired legendary stats, but they always lacked that authenticity of having it all laid out on a gear card!

Everyone should really thank Kleese for taking the time out of his super busy schedule (of watching soap operas and buying expensive items off the black market with Ghalt’s bank account) to upgrade Magnus “lowlibot” and the underlying technology (that is powered by a mini-singularity) that gives everyone access to highly classified armament information off the holo-net at the push of a button. It really would have not been possible without him (and if you inflate his head big enough, he might forget about invoicing me all the “costs” involved with upgrading my little bot to LLC standards :sob:).

Idea: Such a competition could be done up as an in-lore LLC technology expo with a panel of judges (ie @Benedict_87, and @EdenSophia who can provide in character commentary and a couple of Gearbox people like @Jythri and @gRANT_ , to provide developer lore and “balancing” input to even the odds).




Ladies, gentlemen, and invited non-binary peoples… please rise… for the honorable… and sexy… Judge… August… Benedict…

Benedict enters on a jet black rocket skateboard wearing a judge’s robes, an old timey powdered wig, and sunglasses while making out with Eagle Lady Justice. You know… Lady Justice… but a G****MN GLORIOUS EAGLE!!!

WOOOOO!!! Hey Y’all!!! Order in this here court room! Your magistrate has arrived to dispense…

He tips his sunglasses…

BENEDICT: (All dramatic-like)

Eagle Lady Justice tickles Benedict.

Aw c’mon girl, cut that out… this is serious time… we’re here to decide on the guilt or innocence… of… this guy here… who is…

Hey, BIRD man… I ain’t takin’ no justice from you! You ain’t so hot! I’ll bet you fold like that thousand dollars I snatched off an old lady last night after beatin’ her down with my PIMP STICK!!!

He pulls out an AK47…

Let’s see you stop me from robbin’ every motherf**ker in this court room!

BENEDICT: (Gently pushing Eagle Lady Justice away)
Boy… you done made the dumbest mistake of your life… you…

Dramatically removes sunglasses…

…Took my mercy for granted…

Benedict rips off his judges robes revealing his awesome leather biking jacket and whips Boomsday off his back. Every Aviant girl in the house swoons… and then… sh*t gets real.

Meaning the 5 AM alarm clock buzzes and I have to go to friggin’ Ernest’s friggin’ morning exercises. I don’t know what’s in those sleeping pills Alani gave me, but damn… I haven’t had dreams that awesome in years.

But… uh… yeah… sure… I’d totally judge people’s gear cards. As long as I can wear my sunglasses I’ll judge anything.


That reminds me, I want one too

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I was thinking more along the lines of…

You would be the voice of those on the ground (or flying above it) who may end up using them in combat. :wink:

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Oh… you mean like constructive criticism type judging. Yeah… yeah… I could be down with that too. If… I… can… wear… my sunglasses.



Have you ever Falcon Punched anyone, you magnificent bastard?

Only once. I got my claws in this old Ekkuni gauntlet one time.
It was in my grandpa’s stuff we were clearing out of storage.
He went crazy… ran off to join some remote Eldrid tribe before I was born. I always liked reading his journals… kind of like an adventure novel.
Anyway… I… uh… I was still molting… dealing with some issues…
Long story short… some big kid was… uh… being a real a**hole.
So, I brought the glove to school… I didn’t know it was a "legendary."
He tried to start something… I ended it. I was real, real pissed.
Giant flaming falcon came out of the damn thing. Uh… he… got burned pretty bad.
Thankfully we were on Madan, finest Aviant medical facilities anywhere. They patched him up. Could never tell he ever got burnt… fully regenerated him… but… uh… he wasn’t the same after that.
Charges were filed… I was downgraded to a class F citizen… Eventually worked my way back up to class D…
Anyway… I dunno. I wish they hadn’t confiscated it. I could sure use that thing now. My grandpa’s journal called it “Fist of the Firehawk.” And the only instructions were a translation he was working on, “Let this, her final gift, a torch in the night, burn in your heart, burn from your heart, a war cry, bring terror to the void.”



A truly gripping and obviously quite personal tale.

Thanks for sharing, my avian friend!

Mine would be something about thralls, as I am a dirty thrall lover. Maybe an increased stat based on how many thralls the holder has killed?

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