Could buildable cost gear be more attractive?

Structures are great for XP and can be incredibly useful in Meltdown and Incursion, I dont believe I saw anyone running buildable cost reduction gear. My question is if adding structure effectiveness would be a way to make the gear more relevant. So in addition to making it cheaper, it boosts the health and damage of offensive buildables or adds exponential health or protections to defensive builds. The idea is to give up personal strength for strategic prowess. Having a character with this MO could also be interesting for the meta. What are everyone’s thoughts?

I think the reason you didn’t see more players using cost reduction gear is down to a few factors:

  1. Buildables are not that expensive considering the abundance of shards. I build a lot and i still find myself with quite the stash of shards by the end of the game.
  2. Because of the above, it’s simply more advantageous to occupy a slot on +damage, +skill or whatever gear
  3. Even if you do want to use shard gear, i think that using +shards/second gear is more sensible, it will make you be able to deploy more structures early one and level faster

So the problem with that type of gear is that it’s not really worth the trouble of using it.

It all depends on the person. I for one found that building buildables was great for those that lacked a good pre-5 game like my favorite Ghalt. It allowed me to level up quicker so that I could contribute more to defending and pushing waves. It also allowed for the double big-minion tactic in order to split up an enemy group.

These considerations are why I am suggesting the benefits of buildable gear be more rewarding/interesting.

I just wish the discount was more noticeable. A buildable costing 265 Shards rather than 300 isn’t all that much. If it was 200 Shards rather than 300, then we’ll be talking good economy. 9/10 I would rather have a Common piece of gear with +Shards per second for my buildable needs with the added benefit of also being able to be used for other gear pieces if needed.

A piece of buildable gear should have a 33%+ reduction to cost at minimum to be good, 15%-25% ain’t good enough imho.

There’s actually a legendary that have both buildable cost reduction and an increase of the buildable shield .
And yes I though that was a great idea, there should be more of that type of items. The buildable are really easy to destroy so imo the +20% shield isn’t enough for a 1800 shards item. Would see that more on 500-800 shards items and have the legendary one do somethign better…

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I tried it only once. On meltdown it was very effective but not very fun for me. I played as melka and my load out gave me - 40% to build able cost and 1.6 shard rate per second. I built about 10 elite bots and maybe 8 turrets. I didn’t bother protecting either and just hoped to overwhelm the other team. It worked as we won 500 to 350. Edit: we were tied at about

I’d seen a rumor that buildable cost applied to your gear, as well. I didn’t get to test it so I don’t know.

As for a 15% cost reduction, how is that not good? A fully upgraded turret is 1200 shards. That’s 180 shards back in your pocket. It would take 90 seconds at 2 shards/second to get that kind of value.