Could Gearbox ever make a "What if" kind of game?

This is just a random thought that popped into my head since before Borderlands 3 was officially revealed.

What I pictured was basically a spin-off game set on Pandora some time after the end of Borderlands 2, but in a universe in which the Warrior had actually managed to kill the six vault hunters. What would have happend then?

My idea was that the new characters (a shielded nomad, one of the few surviving Crimson Raiders, a malfunctioning loader and a plague rat) would have to travel across Jack’s new Pandora (for one half scorched and devastated, for the other an ever-growing multi-continental Opportunity) in order to stop him from loading the Warrior (now also equipped with state of the art Hyperion tech enhancements) on a spacecraft and beginning a conquest enterprise across the Six Galaxies (maybe reigniting the Corporate Wars in the process…?).

Perhaps he could have also finalized his project of numerous “zombie-troops”, animated by robotic endeloskeletons (the TFTB immortality suit) and controlled by Nakayama’s Jack AI, and also his loader army from the Handsome Jackpot.

To visualize it, here are a few elements the game could present:

  • Mount Jackmore
  • Carcasses of famous giant beasts (Terramorphous, Vermivorous, the Leviathan, Haderax, Dexiduous etc.) defeated by the warrior littering the landscape
  • A fallen, half-burnt Sanctuary, now a monument to Jack’s victory (perhaps with his initials imprinted on…)

I don’t necessarily want them to create this game, but I wonder, could/would/should Gearbox explore alternate timelines for their games?
Maybe as smaller and more discreet titles, à la Pre-Sequel?
Or perhaps as something different, like comics/webcomics, or like the old Battleplan lore entries?

What are your thoughts?