Could guns have more class impact?

To me the way I feel about borderlands right now is whenever I see a higher level gun it just feels like a damage number increased that seems arbitrary and most skills are there to help that damage number going up. It feels hollow.

I wish my gun gave more value to my skill tree.

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They can? Splash can feed quite a few of Moze’s skills, crit damage can feed quite a few of FL4K’s skills, melee can feed quite a few of Amara’s skills.

What character are you playing, and what’s that build like?

This is going to sound weird and probably not make sense but, those skills feel like they are made to boost the damage of that gun. I think it would be more interesting to the gun would synergize with the skills. Swapping the power structure.

Those skills are made for those guns, what about gun feeding into the power of a certain skill and give different results from the gun’s stats and the given manufacturer to spice things up.

Do you mean lack of specialisation in certain weapon types?

I’m talking about the skills taking the stats from the guns and using those to amplify the player. But the way it works now the skills simply boost what the gun can do which feels linear and to simply grow the stat stick (being the weapon)

You were right! It didn’t makes any sense to me! :grin: BL3 is after all an RPG and it’s normal in RPGs for your skills to boost the performance of your weapons, not the other way around. Please note, I’m not saying your idea is a bad idea, I just think it doesn’t fit the RPG modality of the franchise.

This is already in the game to some degree in the form of some anointments and some sticky projectiles because their damage is based/scaled off the gun card damage along with other factors of course.