Could I get blocked from BL3 because of politics?


With a lot of businesses refusing service to people because of their political beliefs, do you think Gearbox will do this? They seem SJW enough.

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I don’t think that was ever a thing with Gearbox. The overall non-seriousness especially in the Borderlands series made them what they are. Everything in the games so far is overexagerated to absurdity. Thats the charm of the Borderlands. The only thing i sorry for is that with Bl2 Borderlands kinda lost it’s mystery element. But if you look closely Handsome Jack was an SJW in his own way and with the upcomIng villains, i think they will go even further. Just a theory, you know. Distribution is not Gearbox job. Any complains about that should go to respectable distributors. Enjoy the game dude!

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How would they even know about your political views? Nothing GBX would have access to requires such information. There should be absolutely nothing to fear.


Well they could have a screen when you first boot up BL3 asking you a political question.

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C’mon now, do you really think this would go over well? That’s pretty much an invasion of privacy and free speech, this would result in a massive backlash.


I agree this is an unusual question but the reason for my post is : what kind of business models are you basing this query on? Can you give a specific example? I ask this out of ignorance and curiosity.

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That would be as useful as protecting an adult site with the classic question: “Are you 18 or over?” :wink:
Without possibilities to check if an answer is true, any such question (whether age or political) is an exercise in futility.
I could image however that some countries will block Gearbox from selling there at all.

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Lmao what? If Gearbox was against selling their games to people of opposing political beliefs they would have done so long ago. Borderlands (1) is a very obvious critique of capitalism.

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I very much doubt this, the closest you’d get to not being able to access it is due to marketing restrictions - such as how the epic market doesn’t sell in certain regions.

However when it comes to steam this will be a non-issue hopefully provided no government amends laws resulting in a game ban (which I believe some games are banned in Australia and Germany for their violence content unless I’m mistaken)

For console the former point won’t be an issue, if the latter is then it’s beyond Gearbox (as developers) and 2K’s (as publishers) control unless they tone it down.

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Also, Borderlands 3 is not an MMO. This cannot happen lol.

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I always thought it was the political, social, or religious beliefs of the business owners that made them refuse to serve certain customers.
I don’t recall any headlines like ‘white supremacists thrown out of liberal book cafe’, but I have heard of business refusing to bake cake for weddings based on the sexuality of the happy couple.

Guess I just live in an SJW bubble.

I don’t know, only you can tell if your political views are so reprehensible that a games company would go out of their way to
A) find out what they are, somehow, and
B) introduce a filter that somehow identified and prevented people who also had those beliefs from accessing the game.
So even if you’re the wildest-eyed political activist of the most extreme beliefs, I think you can probably get away with playing games you like.

Now: you could get blocked from this forum for any number of reasons given in the forum rules. If you’re worried about that happening I suggest you read them now.


I dont think so, and i especially dont think they would add they political question survey for after you buy the game.

When it comes to it, it is harder to implement any political blocking, rather than just taking the money anyways of people you dont agree with you views. Gearbox would only lose out rather than gain anything, and the backlash would probably ruin them; you dont have to worry about any major game company blocking you any time soon.


Again, what criteria could they possibly have?!

Reminds me of the astonishing US customs questions :

  • “Are you a terrorist?”
  • "Do you seek to engage in or have you ever engaged in terrorist activities, espionage, sabotage, or genocide?”

Yeah dude. Totally am.
Handcuffs. Blacklist

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I think some of the Trump administration team either got yelled at or refused service a couple of times? Not a productive method of protest, I must say (even though I have very different political views to the Trump administration!)

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… and last time I travelled to the US I had to answer those question for every member of my “travel group” also called “family” including my son. One could have guessed that he had not engaged in terrorism or genocide, given his advanced age of 8 months. Seriously…


Could be carrying hazardous waste though.:baby_symbol:

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I want to deny that, but sometimes…

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I like how the pair of you both avoided the obvious emoji!

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:rofl: Sublety is our trademark…

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