Could Krieg ever talk normally?

In the upcoming borderlands, could Krieg make a return and perhaps this time at least say a full sentence? I mean Chief Keef used to just mumble death threats, but over the past few years he learned how to say a full sentence.:smile:

I don’t know about you, but I definitely consider this golden line a full sentence. And it’s everything glorious.

If he is in the movie, I think Krieg will have some of the best things to say.


Thats quite funny, I never heard of any long sentences, because on 360 they are dissabled :frowning:

Also those are not exactly what I would call sentences, they have no structure or meaning.

Pfft. That quote alone has the most meaning than anything ever uttered in all of Borderlands. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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:smile: Kind of sad that I never get to hear them though :frowning:
I was thinking more “Look out pretty lady!”

check all those

In order for Krieg to speak normally or like other more normal Borderlands characters, he would have to go back to whoever he was before he became Krieg. So I would say, No. It isn’t really possible for Krieg to speak or be normal without losing who he is now. If Krieg could go back to who he was before, he would no longer be Krieg. The closest (and I realize it is somewhat of a stretch) “real life” equivalent to a character like Krieg would probably be someone who was normal but, as the result of a head injury, became a Paranoid Schizophrenic.

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Yeah, but maybe his inner voice will become stronger and sometimes take over.

Holy sh*t there’s a lot! Yeah I knew about most of them apart from the raving retribution ones and the Idle ones and the friendly fire ones, as I try not using fuel the rampage because I play with gaiges a lot.

Patch 1.6
A lot of people complained “hey, Krieg talks too much”. Done.
Removed what made Krieg a Psycho.

And no, I don’t think K will stop ranting about meat in BL3.

What… dafuq, why couldn’t they make it optional to mute all his sentences?

Dunno. But i don’t expect that to be fixed. I haven’t heared those lines in game and it’ll never happen.

I know.

they do have structure. Subject, verb, object, dependent clauses show complexity, use of simile, and Krieg shows an awareness of another’s perspective in telling them “there’s no time to cry” and giving directions.

It’s actually grammatically proper, even if the content is rather jacked up.


oh dear…

Never saw those lines from the syntactical and grammatical point of view xD

… Uhmm.

Krieg speaks perfectly normal. His words make sense.

What the hell are you all on about?


… and for the next borderlands krieg will be made a mute questgiver npc, as in, whenever interacted with he’ll start his talking animations but no audio nor captions (as if they weren’t coded ingame) for a good minute until the mission popup appears.

I actually agree with that. English was my top subject at school and I could well have gone on to get a degree in it, but I chose not to.

Anything Krieg says, even when it is completely WTF to most people, I can understand exactly what he means/says/implies.

It’s almost poetic, if not poetry itself, albeit in a very strange way.

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