Could more game options satisfy the wide BL3 player-base?

I suggest that at loadup on both single and co-op, players might benefit from having control over more variables:

Here are my current suggestions:

  1. Grind rate: For players that love to spend 10 hrs or more finding one anointed gun. Here they could set the grind rate to maximum to get that gun, and get additional perks like ‘grind’ skins or ‘grind’ trinkets for their loadouts - for the personsl kudos, and/or to impress their co-op buddies. For those more causual players they could set grind rate to a lower setting, get the gun quicker, and live without the grind perks…

  2. Eridium perk rate. For those people who just want pure RNG, and want the authentic feel of a pure lottery, they can set the perk rate to zero. This setting would disable any new ‘gun’ or ‘anointment’ fabrication options that the developers may introduce. Thus not tainting RNG output, and disrupting the pure RNG experience.